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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Well, November was a great month. Concentrated on GTD mtt's and managed 10 final tables. Really happy with this but a shame that I couldn't finish any of them off. Should finish about third on the Sun leaderboard which also puts me in a $5k freeroll for the top 30 finishers.

My game has become much more consistent. In the past I have gone through phases of playing when I can't really be bothered to concentrate but play regardless, ending up losing. With this leaderboard to focus on it has helped my play immensely.

Crypto have released a new version of their software and I must say that I do like it. Not really played on Betfair, with the daily posts on forum regarding connection problems, games freezing and the big pause between hands I do not feel that I can play there. BUT, I will be playing the christmas team event, The Hunnies are trying to win the EPT seats and I believe that we have just a good a chance as anyone else. Should be fun and hopefully won't have too many software problems.

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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