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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Calling Station

I don't normally play during the day but today fancied a game so registered for a £20 sixpak.

First level get QQ, raise to 100, 2 callers, flop K58, both check so I bet 150, both call, turn is a blank, both check again, I check, river is a blank, both check again? Hmm, am I ahead? I stick in a bet of 250, both call! One has K2, the other A8, looool.

Right, I'm down to 500 now. Start to get a little bit tilty, every bet I make is called by trash, problem is I'm bluffing off my stack. I now have 280 chips left and I am angry, these guys are calling with middle pair, bottom pair, they are not folding! So, I decide to play like a rock and try and get back in it. First decent hand I get is AK, I just call, no point raising, they are calling with anything. Flop comes K high :-). I bet, two call, turn is a rag, I bet, two call, river is another rag, no straights or flushes on board and I push for my final 90 ish chips. They both call with 78 and KT :-).

Few hands later I am in BB with 7T, three limpers including my favourite two calling stations. Flop come 689 rainbow :-) Right, let's see you keep calling my bets now. I bet 100 and sure enough my two friends call. Turn is a K, I bet 150 and they both call, river a jack, I bet 250, one folds but the other calls with A6 :-) I am now back up to 1500 chips, lol. I ended up 2nd after a nice heads up battle against one of the better players on the table.

So, I was quite proud of myself that I didn't tilt completely. In the past I would get angry at calling stations and end up on tilt but I really enjoyed that game. One thing I did notice is NEVER go all in against a calling station. It is, as if they have come back to the real world and can't press the fold button fast enough, lol.

gl in your games,

Mrs D xxxxx


  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger Xaarcasm said…

    Calling stations are a pain to play against. I have a habit of gifting them my chips. lol

    Well done on making all those final tables recently. I may have to rename you Mrs FT instead of Mrs D. :-))

    It can only be a matter of time before you win a big game.

    Good luck

  • At 8:45 PM, Blogger Dests said…

    aw thx MC, yes, I need to finish one off :-)

    glad to see that you are enjoying the game more, I believe that you have the game to make it pay, helps a lot if you can shrug off the muppet plays



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