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Saturday, March 01, 2008


Another month gone, the daffodils are out and spring is on it's way. Spring is definitely my favourite season. The dark nights are gone and I don't have to muck out the horses every day!

Poker in February started great with a couple of wins. Has slowed down past couple of weeks though. With me working lates every other week I don't get to play as much but I do get to go riding on the mornings so I am happy with a nice balance.

Final profit for Feb was £2256. One win in the $13k and a win in the 1.5k. Also managed to make 8 FT's. Need to improve there though. Happy enough with that but would have liked to maybe have won a bit more after the start of the month. Hopefully March will be a good month.

Have been concentrating on trying to fix a few leaks in my game. I know when I am playing a hand badly. I struggle to fold that pair of queens on a K high board. I don't seem to believe my opponent and end up paying to find out that I was wrong! Also I seem to overplay AK, I have always hated this hand. So, hopefully I can fix these mistakes and reap the rewards, lol.

Cheltenham soon and this will be the first year in a few that I will miss most of it due to work. Gutted but hopefully will pick a few winners :-)

Thx for reading,
gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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