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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

As the title says hope you all have a great 2008!!

2007 was a strange year, low point was my dad being taken ill but thankfully now he is loads better. High point was qualifying for St. Kitts.

At the beginning of the year this is what I put on here as my aims -

My goals for 2007 are to continue to improve in my game and make a nice profit. Would like to qualify for a big live tournament and win some mtt's instead of just making FT's, lol.

Well. I think that I did just what I wanted!

Thankfully due to Ukgatsby's £2 thread on Betfair's forum he has kept a record of my results.
I made 91 FT's and won 13 mtt's.

My profit for the year was £18,190.

I qualified for the CPC and cashed in two events and had a great time. Also I am now on the Hendon Mob database which I thought was quite funny!

Obviously very pleased with this as I only play for fun and have to fit it in around a full time job, shiftwork and three horses!

I am hoping for much of the same in 2008, would love to qualify for some more live events. I really enjoyed myself in St. Kitts and felt that I could hold my own. My live game left a lot to be desired beforehand and I still have a lot to learn. Confidence for me is definitely the key though. When playing live in the past I have been too worried about getting knocked out instead of playing my normal game.

I would like to get past the £20k barrier with my profit and improve my ratio of wins to FT's in multi's.

I also need to keep away from the thunder sixpaks. I was having some success in these but I now find that I am a losing player on them and it is a big leak.

My other biggest weakness is playing when tired. I know that I am playing terribly and playing just for the sake of it. I need to stop myself doing this.

Since I have a new shift pattern now I will only be able to play evening's every other week so this could make the above difficult but will give it a shot :-).

Since I started playing poker I have met some fantastic people through the Betfair forum and St. Kitts who have become friends. Hopefully get to meet up with them all in 2008!!

Hope you all have a profitable and fantastic year and continue to drop in and read my boring posts!!!

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxxx


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