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Friday, January 26, 2007

A great evening

Wednesday night decided to play the 4k and 2k as normal plus on Tues evening I had won a seat for the 12k which I don't often play.

Didn't last long in the 4k, I play this tourney to try and get a big stack in the first 45 mins or bust out, with so many runners and a quick clock I like to get going quickly. Crashed and burned within the first half hour.

Started the 12k at 8pm and the 2k at 8.30pm. In the 12k I picked up a few small pots but didn't really get involved in too may big pots for the 1st hour.

In the 2k I got off to a flier, won a couple of big pots and when the cards dried up I could afford a bit of time. Unfortunetly I was pretty card dead for quite a while but I eventually managed to make the FT by stealing a lot of pots. Made the FT as the short stack and with the blinds threatening to eat me up I found AQ in late position. Pushed only to find that the sb had JJ who called. With a jack on the flop that was the end of me but pleased to have made another FT.

Meanwhile in the 12k I was struggling, in the bottom 10 and just picking up some blinds or small pots to keep me in it. Slowly but surely though the field narrowed and I got past the bubble. At this point I was more than happy as it had been such a struggle to keep my head above water. With only 3xBB left I pushed with QJ only to be called by KK. Flop came 89x, I had outs! Turn brought a jack and river another jack!!! Brilliant, I am still there. Managed to creep into the top 20. Before I knew it we were down to 11 and I was bottom. It didn't help that I was on the same table as the big stack and only five handed. Found QQ which doubled me up and we have made the FT. Won a couple of pots with AK, lost three players and I was then the short stack. All folded to me in the sb, I have KJ and push. BB has 99 and calls, damn! But flop brings a jack :-) Turn a blank and river brings a 9, nooooooooooo!!!! Out. Win that pot and it takes me to 3rd in chips. Never mind, pick up a nice £516 which for my £7.50 stake is a nice nights work.

Really happy with my play at moment though. Consistently making Ft's, just need a WIN!!

Thursday night and it is hunnies night, unfortunately it was also Mr Dests birthday so thought it would be a bit rude to play, had family coming round for a meal. Luckily UkGatsby had kindly agreed to play for me. He finished a fantastic 18th scoring a nice 800 points, with over 200 runners and him not getting dealt one pair all game he did fantastic. He can be a hunnie anytime he wants ;-) Thanks again for reading.

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxxx


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