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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Playing live and loony women!!!!!!

Been going ok online, made a couple of final tables but can't make them pay enough, always in 7th, 8th. Played Dreamteam again on Thursday, handed out a couple of badbeats and managed 21st which I was quite happy with but should have been higher.

Played Friday night like a complete donkey and decided that I needed to get out and go and play a live game.
Local Grosvenor had a £15 freezeout so me and Mr Dests went down to play. 46 runners and we end up sat next to each other on same table! Totally card dead for first 45 minutes but was quite amusing to watch this crazy lady play. Don't think that she played a lot before. One hand a guy to her left makes it 500 to go, blinds 50/100, she calls everyone else folds. Flop come 585, guy goes all in. She ponders for a while and then says 'How do you know I don't have a 5'. His answer is that he doesnt think she would call such a big raise with a 5 unless she had maybe a pair. 'Hmm, well, I might have a 5!', and then folds. Five minutes later and a guy who is shortstacked makes it 350 utg. She calls, rest fold. Flop comes Kxx. He bets 400, she calls. Turn is a rag, he fires all in for about 500, she calls, he flips over AQ? She flips over A7??? River is a 7 and off he goes muttering about her.

Couple of hands later I get 99, first hand I have had. I raise to 400, all fold except her who calls. The flop come J67, I bet 500 hoping that I am ahead and she calls. Turn is a 3, decide to have another go as I believe I am ahead, she calls. At this point I am thinking that she has me beat, haven't got a clue where I am. River is a T and I check, she checks and we flip our hands over. When I see she has AT I nearly exploded, lol. Mr Dests grabbed hold of my leg as I can be a bit fiery with a drink inside me and tells me to keep calm, lol. She just smiles and says 'ohh, have I won?' The whole table is staring at her and she is just smiling!! OMG!! I have been beamed into 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' This woman is a sandwich short of a picnic, looooooool.

Anyway, I am down to 1100 and it is my BB, blinds 100/200. Four limpers including my loony friend and I turn over 99. Fire all in, all fold except her who calls. I say to the woman on my right 'This could be amusing' She flips over QQ!! Right, ok, she is limping with QQ. Flop comes 9T4, haha, got ya!!!!! Turn is an A, river is a Q! Oh well, that is the end of that then. But how do you play people like that! Apparently a couple of hands later she is asking the table if a flush beats 4 of a kind, hehe.

Play a bit of blackjack and lose £50 when a cash table starts up, NLTH £1/£2. Buy in for £50 and after a couple of hours I am £100 up so happy with that and time for home.

One interesting hand on the FT of the freezeout was when a guy pushed with 44, guy with KJ calls, flop J4J, turn a 9, river a J! So, live is just as rigged as online ;-)

Do enjoy playing live and really need to make the effort to go more often. The Grosvenor/Blue Square tour is in Plymouth in September so going to try and qualify for it, would be a great experience to play.

Gl in your games,

Mrs D xxxx