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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Funny old game

Playing mtt's are like waiting for a bus. You have no results of note for a while and then bang, they turn up all at once.

Monday night played the usual mtt's on Sun. Knocked out of most losing races or getting outdrawn. Was doing great in the $20k, with 24 left I was in the top five, then I blew up in what can only be called a 'spectacular' style. First hand, A3 in the BB, only just been moved to the table, guy who I class as being quite aggressive raises from the cut-off into the unopened pot. I thought it was a steal and pushed all-in for the re-steal hoping to get him to fold. He calls with JJ, doh!!, and half my stack is gone. Read it completely wrong, very next hand get AQ, still kicking myself from the previous hand I raise in mp. Limper in early position re-raises me, I didn't think for one moment that he was trapping with a big hand, tbh I didn't even bother to think and stuck my chips in. He calls instantly with AA, doh, doh, doh. Two hands later get AK utg, push all in and the BB calls with A6, 6 on the flop and I have bubbled. All my own fault for playing like a complete donkey.

Last night played the 1.5k, 2k and $20k. The 1.5k is currently my lucky tourney, cruised through it, never had my chips in danger until heads up and won it again for £504.

At the same time the $20k was going well again, but with the bubble approaching I very nearly went out again, I should have gone out but I got a huge suckout. Once again in the sb I get dealt TT, I have just tangled in a big pot with the guy on the button which I won. All folded to him and with the blinds at 400/800 he raises to 3200. I thought it was quite a big raise and looked like a steal. I re-raise to 6400 and he just calls. Flop comes 2J4, I bet 3200 and he pushes all-in. At this point I should have folded but I read it completely wrong again and called, he had AJ, turn is a K, river a miracle ten. I did apologise and felt pretty bad but the amount of times the same has happened to me I guess it all evens out. Finally got to the FT but was quite short and in eighth. Two hands in I get dealt 99 in the BB. Big stack raises, I push, he calls with AQ and I double up. Next hand I get A6 in the sb. All folded to me, I raise the BB, he calls, flop comes 5AK, I bet, he raises so I push, he has KJ, my hand holds up and I am back in it.

Eventually get down to three handed but the chipleader has a huge stack compared to me and the other guy. Manage a double up to put me in clear second and then the killer blow, me
vs the chipleader.

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Dests [Jd Js]
Snakey002: raises to 9000
Dests: raises to 36000
Elain1112: folds
Snakey002: raises to 359268 and is all-in
Dests: is all-in 50328
Returned uncalled bets 272,940 to Snakey002
----- FLOP ----- [Kc 5c 7s]
----- TURN ----- [Kc 5c 7s][Qc]
----- RIVER ----- [Kc 5c 7s Qc][2c]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Snakey002: shows [Ts Tc] (A Flush, King high)
Dests: shows [Jd Js] (A Pair of Jacks, King high)
Snakey002 collected 176856 from Main pot

If I win that pot I have guaranteed second and think I could have won it. Not complaining though as I got lucky to get to the FT. $2k for third and another brilliant night. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Thx as ever for reading,
Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


  • At 1:00 PM, Blogger Wildcat said…

    Superb stuff honey, keep it going, and hope the other stuff you mentioned previously is sorting itself out. If you ever need a chat, please let me know, I'll be happy to help.

  • At 6:34 PM, Blogger Dests said…

    thx Nick, things are sorting themselves out, very kind of you xx

  • At 10:44 PM, Blogger Ukgatsby said…

    Gatsby monthly award for "Online Poker Performance Of The Month" check blog for full details.
    Well done =)

  • At 10:45 PM, Blogger Ukgatsby said…



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