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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another pleasing evening

Played three mtt's last night, the $16k on Betfair and the $20k and 2k on Sun.

$16k on Betfair didn't really go to plan, lost a huge chunk early with QQ when my oppo kept check calling on an ace high board, put him down as weak with no ace and he flips over AJ, doh! Always struggling from there and eventually went out in 38th.

2k went well and made the FT in about 5th position. Felt that I could win this again, stacks pretty even. All going well until I get dealt AQ in the BB with 5 of us left, blinds 1500/3000 and I have about 35k. Folded to the button who pushes, he has done this every time it has been folded to him so I call, he has 78, no help for him until the river drops an eight :-( This leaves me with 3k and next hand I am out. Win that one and I am chipleader with four left.

$20k going ok as well. Manage to scrape into the money after my button push with 34 is called by the BB with AJ and I hit a four. At that point I was lowest in chips and really had no other choice. Make it to the FT quite comfortably in about seventh. Win a huge pot with AK vs 66 to put me second with six left. Unfortunately I have the huge chipleader to my left so stealing is very difficult as he is prepared to take people on with marginal hands. Lose a huge pot to him on a 66854 board, I have 78, he has 66!! After that begin to struggle, blinds getting big and I am pushing at every available time. With five left and with about 5xBB's left I push utg with 44, BB has QQ and am out in fifth. Nice enough payout so can't complain.

Two FT's then and things seem to still be going well. Wish I could say this about the rest of life. Work is a shit, been getting a lot of headaches so went to docs yesterday and he has put it down to stress. If I had enough money to be able to back me up I think I would just jack it in and play poker while looking for something better. Unfortunately it is not an option at the moment.

Thx as ever for reading,
gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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