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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last couple of days

Sunday night played the bloggers game on Pokerstars and also the 40k on Sun.

40k went well for first few hours, always above average chips but when it matters the cards just dried up on me. Got past the bubble and found A3 in the BB, with only about 4 BB's left the button put me all in, I called, he has KJ and hits, out in 36th so got my money back and a little more.

Bloggers game was great fun. 1300+ starters with a 10k starting stack, after the first hour I was still on 10k and getting bored, decided to just play loose, after getting a couple of sick outdraws I was in the top 30, lol. Then decided to take it a little more seriously. Finally ended up in 26th which won me a 160gb i-pod. Was quite chuffed to finish this high with so many runners. Well done to Pandybear too who also won an i-pod. Poor guy who finished 10th not only bubbled the FT but got 33 poker books!! I would have been sick, lol.

Last night managed a FT on the 2k but only got 9th after running a steal into aces. Elsewhere was getting some sick hands, JJ all in on a 242 flop to be called by 66 who hit a 6 on the turn. In the 20k went out with AK on an AK8 flop, he had 88 :-(

Playing a battle of the forums game tonight on Betfair, should be great fun with a percentage going to charity. Playing for the ladies team and hopefully we shall kick some male ass!!

Thx for reading,
gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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