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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thought it was about time I updated the blog, especially as I was getting stick from a certain Mr Gatsby ;).

Been a quiet year really, poker ticking over but has not been spectacular, work and horses keeping me too busy to play as much as I got to last year.

Didn't manage to win a seat to the CPC, but I didn't enter a huge amount of the sats. With the package only being a cruise this year and no poker buy-ins it did not appeal as much to me. Last year I won the Main event package which I thought was a much better idea. Unfortunately they didn't run main event packages this year. Good luck though to all those going.

One very nice thing was the fact that I managed to win the Betfair forum live game in Birmingham. It's a big get together for one weekend where we play a team event on the Friday and a main event on the Saturday. Unfortunately I crashed and burned in the team event, I think I was the 1st or 2nd out from my table. Luckily the rest of the 'Flashmob' managed to get second for us and double our buy in. Wp guys!!

Main event on the Saturday and I was running good! 10k in starting chips and after a few hours play and the dinner break I was still hovering around the 10k mark. With the blinds shooting up quite steeply I needed to double up. First hand after the dinner break and I get 99 on the button and make a standard raise. Milton (flashmob teammate) re raises from the small blind. I think he could be re-stealing and with only 8k left I decide to stick them in. Milton calls (uh-oh) and flips over QQ, oh well, then flop x9x, turn a blank and a 9 on the river just to rub it in. Sry Milts.

After that double up I was still struggling for cards. I managed to nurse my stack to the Final table though, getting lucky a couple of times when stealing with less than premium hands :) Hit the Final Table as the short stack. A few hands in I get AQ, I push all in for about 26k (blinds 1k/2k), one guy calls and Variance pushes all in over the top, original caller then gets out of the way and I am up against JJ. Ace on the flop and I have trebled up. Get to four handed quite quickly. Get dealt KK utg, raise and guy next to act pushes all in. My kings hold up against his AJ and we are down to three. A couple of hands later I get dealt JJ in the big blind, guy on the button is all in, I call, he has AQ, my jacks hold and we are heads up :) I had a 3-1 chip lead over the other guy, lovely guy called Wayne who talked a lot! Chips went back and forth for a bit, I won a big pot when I hit a flush and a few hands later I get AsJs. Wayne pushes all in and I call. He has JJ, flop Xs J Xh turn is another spade and hit my runner runner flush on the river!

Was really chuffed to win it and had a fantastic weekend, just hope we can do it all again next year!!

Will try to update blog a bit more frequently.

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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