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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nearly a win :-(

Played a couple of games last night, first one was the 4k where I lasted to just past the first break. All folded to the button who raises 3 x BB, I'm in the BB, put him on a steal and push with KJ, he calls with 66 and game over, doh!!!

Also played the 10k on Betfair, first level, blinds 10/20 and get QQ, raise to 80 and get two callers, flop comes 4h 6s 6h, I bet 180, both call, turn is another rag, no heart, I bet 300, one caller and next guy pushes, don't like it one bit but I stupidly call, other guys calls leaving me 360 chips, first guy has KhTh and second guy has 67 off. River is a heart and I'm crippled, grrrr. Push with the rest of my chips with AJh and called by AQ, no help on board and I'm out.

Meanwhile I am playing the 2k on Sun, no hands for the first hour and I am down to 1200 chips with blinds of 150/300. Get dealt JJ and push, called by KK but hit a J so back in it. Then I had a dream of a run, got some nice cards and cruised onto FT with a chip lead of 12k over second. Decided to sit tight for a while and let the short stacks knock each other out. Pick up a couple of nice hands and keep building my stack. With four left I am still in the lead, just. Get AQ and raise, sb pushes (who has shown a lot of bluffs and has also hit some awful outdraws on others on table when playing awful hands) and four handed I like my AQ and call. He has KQ, great, but a K on flop and I am down to 8000 chips, grrr, muppet!!!! Get a little angry and start to push most hands and build back up to a decent stack knocking out the 4th with AK on the way.

With 3 left I get dealt KQ on the button, I push and am called by the BB with A6, no help and I am out in 3rd :-( Nice profit but I would really like a win!!!!!

Never mind, it must be on it's way soon.
Thx for reading.

gl in your games,

Mrs D xxxxx


  • At 12:48 AM, Blogger Wildcat said…

    Keep making those final tables Mrs D, and a win is only a matter of time...

    I could do with one myself come to think of it...;)

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