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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

All is good

Since my last post had a nice couple of results.

First one was in a Betfair Bounty game, 200 runners, five bounties, which if knocked out would win you a seat in Sundays $525 WSOPE sat, and a $4k prizepool. Managed to finish 2nd to one of the bounties, hoped Betfair would give me the seat but the bounty got it :-(. Never mind, won $800.

Second one was last night in the $20k, was card dead for most of the tourney and with 30 left (20 paid) decided to just get really aggressive and try and build a stack instead of limping in to the money. Well, this worked great, at one point I had 141,000 chips and second had 38,000 chips, lol.
Got to the FT with a nice chip lead but then was getting no cards whatsoever. Tried bullying and stealing but everytime the short stacks were playing back at me. Soon found myself down in 4th, won a nice pot with AA vs KK and we are down to three. One guy was making some awful calls and sucking out and soon had the chip lead. I am dealt AK on the BB, he raises from the button (again) and I push, he has 99, no help for me and I am 3rd for $2000. Really happy with this but would love to take down the $20k one night.

Got six days off work now after working all weekend, plenty of time to spend with the horses and plenty of poker in the evening. Gonna try a couple of the big ones on Mansion and try and get a seat in one of the WSOPE final sats on Betfair.

Thx for reading!

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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