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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates, work has been immensely busy :-( Been out a lot with the horses on my days off which has been great and have managed to play poker most nights except for when I have been working nights.

Well, July started great, thankfully, otherwise I would be probably looking at a loss for the month. First month that I have kept a detailed record and I am £2098.30 in profit for the month. Really pleased with that though and would be over the moon to be able to do it every month.

Things have gone a bit wrong the past week or so though, keep getting outdrawn when getting my chips in when in front but it is to be expected from time to time. I haven't tilted which has made me feel good though. Feel that I am able to just load up another game and carry on.

I should have also finished in the top 30 again on the Sun leaderboard

Played the $110k on Mansion for the first time last night, the site is pretty easy to use and even though I didn't cash I shall definitely play it again.

So, goals for August, to match my profit for July, and maybe qualify for the WSOPE. The latter is probably a very long shot as I seem to run terrible on Betfair but shall give it a go.

Hope to update again soon :-)

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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