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Friday, July 06, 2007


Well, a great start to July!

Had a FT on Sunday in the 1.5k gtd. Came second for £384. The heads up battle was the sickest I have ever been involved in. Had my opponent down to about 3 BB's three times but the following hands turned it round for him.
My A2 vs Q9, KJ vs Q3, A8 vs A3. There were a couple more which I can't remember except for when his 74 won too.

A couple of quiet days but luckily the six-paks were helping me keep ahead.
Last night played the 1.5k gtd, 2k gtd and 20k gtd. Early exits from the first two and knocked out of the 20k when in the BB with 56, limped to me and I check, flop comes 563, I bet big and get one caller, turn brings an ace, I push and get a call from other guy who has A6.

Decide to then give the £6k gtd a go. I don't often play this mtt due to the fact that it doesn't finish till gone two in the morning and I normally have a seven o'clock start for work. But as I had Friday off thought I would give it a shot.
283 runners and the first couple of hours I was always struggling, always behind average stack and just looking for a hand to double up with. Managed to stay alive with steals and the odd decent hand and with 30 paid struggled to get past the bubble. With 30 left I was always near the bottom and the blinds were rather large in comparison to my stack. But with a couple of decent hands, (which are now a blur), made the top 20.

All the way through from 20 to 10 I was still last and starting pushing whenever folded to me just to stay ahead of the blinds. By some sort of miracle I managed to make the FT in about 8th place. At this point I was getting no hands and just found myself getting lucky in the BB when I was hitting flops in limped pots. After a while though find myself in the last four but still the short stack. At this point the hands started finally coming. JJ twice doubled me up and then I got AA in the sb. I had been raising the BB nearly every round and getting away with it so hoping that he has had enough and has half a hand I raise 3 x BB. He pushes and I instantly call, he has AT, no help for him and he is crippled. He goes a couple of hands later and we are down to three, me and another guy on about even chips and a short stack. The short stack eventually goes and we are heads up but the other guy has about a 3-1 chip lead.

Then begins the marathon, lol. Think it was the longest heads up battle I have played lasting about half an hour. I would get up to even with him and then he would get me back to where I started. At one point I was starting to get really frustrated and started fighting back, raising most hands from the sb. Got to even chips again and the other guy started folding a lot, he was pushing very rarely so knew when he had a hand. Won a big pot with TT and then I had the 3-1 chip lead. Kept raising most pots and with A5c in the sb I raised again, he pushed and I decided to call, he has K8, the flop brings a 5 which I don't need but no K or 8 and I have won for a very nice £1680!!! Absolutely buzzing and over the moon with a win in one of the bigger mtt's. Mr Gatsby was railing and was a great help telling me when to calm down and not lose my head, ty hunnie ;-)

I seem to find that I get some of my better results when I have to struggle for most of the tourney, don't know quite what that means!

Have finally started keeping a detailed log of my P&L so will be able to keep an exact eye on how I am doing. So pleased with my poker at the moment, haven't deposited in my Sun account since last August and have managed to have quite a few nice withdrawals. Unfortunately my Betfair account hasn't been as good so won't be playing as much on there except for trying to qualify for the WSOPE.

Thanks for reading :-)

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


  • At 7:35 PM, Blogger Wildcat said…

    Very well done Rach, super result!

    :) :) :)

  • At 2:30 AM, Blogger steviep said…

    brilliant result :):):)
    very well played

  • At 10:51 PM, Blogger Adam said…

    wp mrs D...

    going to get gats to fiddle around with me blog soon and link other blogs up :)


  • At 9:17 PM, Blogger Bazza said…

    Nice one Mrs D ;)


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