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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A good week and Dreamteam

Hello all, bit late posting but been working 12 hour days all weekend :-(.

Had a good week on the poker. Three FT's but no wins.

Managed another FT in the Dreamteam, this takes me to 4 FT's and 10 top 30 finishes out of 19 weeks, really pleased with that. I am now 7th on the individual leaderboard but with only one week left I cannot win it. Had a few bad weeks on the trot which lost me any chance but am very proud of myself to have done so well in it. Also managed a cash in the $16k.

Also achieved two FT's in the 2k, finishing 3rd and 5th. This has always been my favourite mtt due to the good results I have had in it. It also seems to be getting more popular and there was a £3.5k prizepool last night.

This Thursday going up to London as it is the Dreamteam live final on Saturday. Meeting up with 'The Hunnies' Friday night and going to play a £30 FO at the Western Club. Should be great fun and then the final on Saturday. We are about halfway down the leaderboard so have some work to do but really looking forward to it as it was a great day last year and a good laugh.

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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