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Thursday, August 02, 2007

A great start to August

Last night decided to play a couple of mtt's on Sun and the $10k gtd rebuy on Mansion.

First up was the 1.5k gtd on Sun, had a great start and was up in the top ten all the way to the FT. A little bit card dead before the FT and arrived there in 7th. The blinds were pretty high and it was gonna be a bit of a crapshoot. First decent hand I get is JJ, I raise from LP only for the guy on the button to push. I just about have him covered and with half of my stack invested I call, he has KK, no help for me and I am crippled. Next hand I get is A9s, push with my remaining 3000 chips, blinds 600/1200 and the BB calls me with T7, 7 on the river and I finish 9th.

Also play the 2k gtd and the 6k gtd, knocked out early in both losing races.

Meanwhile I am playing the mansion one, $20 rebuy, one hour rebuy period. Crazy play as usual for the first hour, I rebuy twice and add on so I have $80 invested. Never played an mtt with so many loons, think someone didn't tell them you still couldn't rebuy! All in's being called with QT, A3, 54, lol. Decided to just pick my spots with decent cards as some of them could not be bluffed. Was struggling when dealt 88 on the button, all folded to me and I push, SB and BB both call with A9 and KT, my eights hold up and I am back in it. The bubble quickly goes and I somehow end up on the FT in 5th. Blinds getting a bit silly at this point so just take my chances when I can. Guy in LP pushes all in, I am on the button with AT, he has made lots of steals and I have him covered so call. He has K8, no help for him and I am third in chips.

Two huge stacks on the table and before I know it we are three handed. Get a couple of decent hands and steal quite a bit and before I know it I am chipleader. Get dealt 88 on the button and raise, SB then pushes all in for about the sixth time I have raised from button. If I win this I will have a huge chip advantage heads up so decide to take my chance, I call, he shows AQ, no help for him and we are heads up, I have 630,000, other guy has 260,000. With the blinds now at 8000/16000, he is pushing to most of my raises. He gets about even, then I manage to get in front again. Eventually get dealt AJ in the SB, I raise to 48,000 and he pushes again. Call, he has K8, I hit my ace for good measure and we have a winner :-) A very nice $2853. Chuffed to bits and hopefully this is a sign of how August is gonna be! Big thanks to Mr G for railing when five handed to the end, he does help me keep my head xx

Only the second game I have played on Mansion and I must say that I find the site quite user friendly, I know that they have not been around too long so it makes me wonder how Betfair have a new site that is nowhere near as good. It's a real shame as I would prefer to play Betfair but it makes my laptop want to melt as it is so hungry on the CPU. Hopefully they can one day get this sorted, I still play there but nowhere as much as I used to.

Anyway, thx for reading.

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


  • At 2:31 AM, Blogger Smart Money said…

    Fantastic result! Congratulations!!

    I have added your link. Here's mine if you want to add it. :)

  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger Dests said…

    thx Mike, need to update my links, don't know how to do it myself, Mr G normally does it, shall get it sorted :-)


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