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Friday, February 02, 2007


Well, January was a winning month, profit at around the £1100 mark which is very nice. Made 10 Final tables, which put me 7th on the Sun mtt leaderboard. Very pleased with this as it also enters me onto a 30 runner $5k freeroll.

One problem though - no wins!! Been close a few times but had no luck when it comes down to the make or break hands. Had a very frustrating week. Been playing a few of the Betfair $16k gtd mtts. 18 get paid and I have finished 22nd, 21st and 29th. Got really cheesed off with this and consequently my game suffered in other games. Got nightshift for the next three nights and I think the enforced poker break will do me good.

Meanwhile 'The Hunnies' didn't get to play this week due to the fact that Betfair had to cancel the game as some of the players got a 2500 starting stack and the rest got a 1500 starting stack, looooooooool. What a shambles!! After last weeks priblem with blind levels hopefully Betfair can get this sorted as it is getting slightly annoying!

Oh well, lovely nightshift for me :-(

gl in your games,

Mrs D xxx


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