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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dests is back!

Hello all, well, Cheltenham ended ok, Katchit and Wichita Lineman got me out of trouble and ended just a little bit down.

Thursday was Hunnies night and I made the FT again for the second week in a row!!!! Fifth this time but really happy and have now jumped up to 6th in the indidvidual leaderboard which I am really happy with!!

Worked 12hr shifts Sat, Sun and Mon, how exciting it is to be taking the lid of a reactor, lol, not!

Got home Monday just in time to play the Sun $3500 freeroll which is put on via the site I get my rake from. Great value, you only need to rake $200 a month to qualify. I haven't been playing my Sun account lately as I had such a bad February on it and was down to peanuts in my account. Refuse to deposit so was hoping for a decent result last night. 37 runners and 5 paid. At no point was I in the top five for the majority of it and I reached the FT 9th of ten.

Was getting no cards and just had to keep pushing with rags to stay ahead of the blinds. Finally got a decent stack and I look down to find KK in front of me with 2 all-ins in front of me. Instant call and I am up against AQ and AQ. Brilliant!! Until an ace falls on the river!

Now very low and I go on tilt mode, pushing with ATC and finally double up with JJ :-) Calm down again and eventually find myself heads up against Fishpoo from the forum. We are about even but he is slowly getting the upper hand. I finally double up against him with A8 vs his preflop push with low cards. After an epic battle heads up and a lot of pushing preflop, he goes all in, I decide to call with K9, hoping to be ahead as I believed he would push with ATC. He has 22, I hit a king and it is over, I am $1400 richer and my sun account is back in business :-)

Happy days

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


  • At 1:17 AM, Blogger Slickqwik said…

    keep it up - maximise the profits :)

    (any chance of being on your DT3 team? :p)

  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Dests said…

    I am sure we would welcome you with open arms!! Just have to get it past Miss Q :p

    Thx roy xx


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