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Monday, March 05, 2007

Bloody game

Well, PMA and all that when I started tonight, lol.

Played four mtt's

12k satellite

played no hands and get KK, blinds 15/30, guy raises to 120, one caller, I reraise to 300, both call, flop 836, I bet 360, guy puts me all in, I call, he has A6!!, turn is an ace, lol.

1.5k gtd on Sun

Was going great guns in top ten, blinds 100/200, get dealt 88, call a raise to 400, flop 478, checked to me, bet 1200, guy pushes, I call, he has 66 and hits 6 on turn, would have given me chip lead. Did I need to get involved?? Well, sick of struggling in these late on and then bubbling.

2k gtd on Sun

Totally card dead, find KJc in mid pos, push to unopened pot, get called by A9. Yep, not a great play with that hand but I had to do something, guy who called did so for 90% of his chips.

$2k gtd on BF

Once again get off to a great start, make one awful call with AT to ss all in but besides that never out of top ten, then

SS goes all in with 59s, call with 99, he hit flush.
QQ, bet pot preflop, 2 callers, low flop two diamonds, I push, guy had 9Td and hits flush.

Then when down to short, push with AT, called by QJ and he hits jack.

Bored yet?????

Bet you are if you got this far but not as bored as me!

Just had enough, need to play hunnies games but that will be it for the moment, just sick of it :-)

gl in your games

Mrs D xxx

update, sry hand in 1.5k, flop was 473, lol


  • At 8:25 PM, Blogger Slickqwik said…

    can i join the "had enough" club? the majority of the time it seems everything is against you(poker wise) and its impossible to kjeep a PMA(like your style!) bt Its just gonna take one big result and u will be fine(stop repeating yourself slick(and stop using brackets))

    im going loopy but stick with it and remember...hunnies rule:)

  • At 7:49 AM, Blogger Thùy Liên said…

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