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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A new strategy

Well, I think I must be addicted to this bloody game!!! 24hrs after saying I was having a break and I end up playing.

Steve, (my better half), was playing and gonna watch footy too. Now, I have never believed the rigged theories but I had totally lost confidence when playing my Sun and BF accounts (stupid I know!) so decided to fire up a very old Will Hill account that I have and discipline myself to playing just two mtt's, the 1.5k gtd and the 2k gtd. Also decided to not even open the BF forum or MSN as I find that I do not concentrate on my game enough.

The 1.5k gtd went ok but lost a couple of big pots with KK vs K9 and AK vs 88. Here we go again I thought. Then played the 2k, got off to a great start and before I know there are 20 left with 10 paid. Now after so many bubbles I could not believe how tight I was playing, I was just happy to blind my way onto the FT. Luckily quite a few went for it and before I know it I am on the FT! Eighth in chips but find JJ and AT doubles me up. Never got near the top but managed to finish in 4th place for £200 which was great.

So, gonna keep playing my WH account for the moment and keep the same discipline of choosing few games and concentrating, less posting on the forum and hopefully I can pick up where I left it in January :-)

Thanks to Mr G for the mention on his blog, he is a top bloke and a friend. Cheltenham next week and as I am nightshift all weekend I have next week off!! I am quite a follower of NH racing and shall hopefully pick a few winners, should be good fun and hopefully we can run a bit of a fun competition for the £2 thread.

Finally, a great shame to see MC has given up poker, but when you are constantly banging your head against a brick wall what is the point of punishing yourself further. I know he is a good player and will miss his brilliant funny posts.
Also hope Canaryboy is having a fab time in Thailand, he deserves it and will be just the break he needs.

Gl in your games,

Mrs D xxx


  • At 7:57 PM, Blogger Ukgatsby said…

    You will give the secret name away by revealing position ;)

    I witnessed it so its fine :p

    Glad you feeling better about stuff, lets have some fun and some winners next week xx

  • At 6:58 PM, Blogger steviep said…

    gl dests.
    looking forward to next week too :)


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