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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Well, after a terrible February, March had to pick up and it did!

Firstly, last night I was in the mpp final on Betfair, 1st prize a Range Rover Sport and nice prizes for the top 40. Only 132 runners and I felt that I could at least win something. Decided to play the $16k along side this.

Mpp final started great and within half an hour I had doubled my starting stack. Got dealt AKh in early position and raised. Guy in late position reraises me, he has half my stack and I decide that I am happy to gamble to build up a nice stack and feel a lot more comfortable. I reraise him all in and he calls. He has QQ, two hearts on the flop, but turn and river a blank and I am back to starting stack. Card dead for a while when I get dealt JJ. Playing 1900 chips with blinds at 100/200, I raise to 500. One caller flop comes 8T3. I feel that I am ahead, don't think he has a bigger pair due to the way he has been playing. I decide to push not wanting the turn to give him a high card. He calls with TT :-( Nice set! Doh! Oh well, no prize for me.

Meanwhile in the $16k I have been going along nicely. Manage to steal a few pots with blinds at 200/400 and 300/600 and I am in the top ten. Not had any luck in this mtt in the past, normally going out near the bubble. But before I know it bubble has burst and we are pushing for the FT. Get dealt KK, blinds at 500/1000 ( I think) and I raise to 2700, BB calls and flop comes 9 high. I push and he calls with Q9, turn brings a queen and I am about to launch the laptop! Thankfully though the river brings a king :-) Make final table but have a terrible spell when I am raising with mid pairs only to get reraised all in and having to fold. With about 4 x BB's left I push with A5. One caller, (Mr Q9 man), and he has AK. Know that I am beaten, type 'gg' then I hit a miracle 5 on the river! Manage to hold it together and find myself heads up. Oppo has 200,000 chips to my 50,000. Get dealt AT in the BB, he pushes, I call. He has QJ and hits two jacks. Over the moon with 2nd though which paid $3200 and have finally beaten my jinx in the $16k :-)

Rest of March was a lot better, eight FT's, three of these were in Badbeat/Dreamteam which I was really happy with. Also won $1400 for rakeback freeroll and $3200 in $16k.

So have ended the month at about £2k in profit :-) If only it could be like this every month!!! Hoping that I can carry on the same in April!! Also would like to mention the £2 mtt thread on Betfair forum, it has a great atmosphere, everyone cheers each other on and it makes you try that little bit harder, well done UkGatsby :-)

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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