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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Had an awful night last night :-( Felt that I was playing well but just kept getting done over by clueless muppets or just getting outdrawn and picking wrong spots to steal.

Played the $16k on BF - slow start, finally got going and with 28 left it is folded to me in the SB, I have T8 and have been utterly card dead for half an hour, no chances to steal so with 7 BB's left I push, BB calls instantly with AK....doh!

Played the 12k on Sun, was going really well. Blinds 50/100 and I raise to 300 with QQ, guy next to me instantly pushes with 2015 chips, call to find he has A9!! Ace on the turn and I am struggling, never got back into it.

Then played the $3.5k gtd on Sun, doing ok but not great, end up going out on a coinflip, my AK vs TT.

Next was the $5k gtd on Sun, very slow start, double up with QQ vs ............K3, lol. Then next hand get dealt KK. Raise 3 x BB and a guy who has me covered pushes all in. Call and he has AK, ace on the river!

Oh and played a few $50 sixpaks on BF, ran my decent hands either into better hands or idiots who always seem to hit with their rags.

Sometimes I really hate this game.

Off out tonight, nice chinese restaurant then gonna go play a live freezeout at the local casino, at least if they outdraw me I can pour a drink over their heads!!! lol

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger dibble said…

    that's all pretty horrible dests :(

    just as long as you didn't shoot anyone in the face is all...

    stick at it hun and the variance will sort you out. on another day your T8 wins vs the AK and life is rosy.

    my best wishes as always


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