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Friday, April 27, 2007

When not to play poker!

Hello all,

Not a great deal to report, been running a bit bad and playing bad as well. Managed a 7th in the 4k which was nice but nothing much else. Problem is that I have been playing when tired, I am just going through the motions. I am tired and start to believe that my TT is good after a raise and a reraise, looool. It is as if I just don't care and don't believe that the other players have a hand. Also, when I am tired I find the early stages of an mtt really boring. Stupid to throw money away and I really need to get a hold on this.

Brilliant result for one of the Hunnies the other day in the $100k on Mansion. Prettyace won it for a very nice $24k. Must be such a buzz to get a result like that, well done hunnie!!

I was thinking that I would like to qualify for the WSOP this year but it doesn't really come at a good time so I have decided that I would really like to qualify for Singapore with Betfair this year. Mr Dests spent some of his childhood living there and would love to go back so when the sats start I shall be trying my hardest.

Another well done to Mr G (UkGatsby), for taking a couple of big runner mtt's down, he consistantly does well and is defo on top of his game!

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xx


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