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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sigh and BFWCOP

Not been playing a great deal this week, managed to win a seat again to the CPC final on Sunday.

Got into it last week only to last two bloody hands, lol. Here is the hand history, first time laptop has very nearly been smashed, quality play from opponent!!

Hulken26: posts small blind 10
Dests: posts big blind 20
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Dests [Ac Ad]
Bluenote: folds
Bearish: folds
Duke23: raises to 80
JJMustard: calls 80
Sco020312: folds
Westee: folds
L31GHW: folds
Hulken26: folds
Dests: raises to 180
Duke23: calls 100
JJMustard: calls 100
----- FLOP ----- [Td 9s 5s]
Dests: bets 240
Duke23: folds
JJMustard: raises to 600
Dests: calls 360
----- TURN ----- [Td 9s 5s][9d]
Dests: bets 700
JJMustard: calls 700
----- RIVER ----- [Td 9s 5s 9d][8c]
Dests: bets 500
JJMustard: raises to 860 and is all-in
Dests: calls 360
----- SHOW DOWN -----
JJMustard: shows [Qh Jh] (A Straight, Queen high)
Dests: shows [Ac Ad] (Two Pairs, Aces and Nines, Ten high)
JJMustard collected 4870 from Main pot

Then on Tuesday I managed to win a seat to the WSOPE last chance game on Betfair, 212 runners and 5 seats to the WSOPE up for grabs. Very nice structure, 5000 starting chips with a 20 min clock.

Started well, very mixed bag of players from the absolute loons to very decent players. At first break I was upto 8k. Second session and was totally card dead but managed to stay in. By the third break though I was beginning to struggle, hadn't had any pairs over nines. Got dealt 88 in the sb, folded to me so I push, bb calls with AT, my eights hold up and I am back in it.

Then a few hands in the space of about ten. Firstly I get JJ, guy in ep makes it 2400, blinds 400/800. I flat call, which I shall forever kick myself for, guy after me goes all in, guy in ep calls and I have to believe that my jacks are behind so I fold. Guy in ep has 77 and other guy has AQ. The sevens hold up.

Next hand I get TT, raise to 2400 and solid guy puts me all in, once again I feel that I have to fold.

Now down to about 6 x bb's, find 55 utg and push just hoping that I can get through, all fold and I am still alive. A few hands later I get AKd, push all in and guy after me raises. All the rest fold, he has AKh. Flop Js 6h 4c, looks like a split pot which I am happy with, then came the turn 7h, no please, not a heart on the river! River 9h. Gone to a runner runner flush in 30th.

Felt that I was playing to my best, was only playing the one game as wanted to concentrate so was absolutely gutted. Some things are never meant to be I guess :-(

Off to London tomorrow for the Betfair forum game. Team game Friday night and main event on the Saturday. In the Flashmob team and truly believe we have a chance of winning even though not many others do.

Went last year and it is a great weekend. Some great, friendly people and good fun. Hopefully next post will be a full winning report!!

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


  • At 9:35 PM, Blogger Wildcat said…

    Keep trying that cpc thingy, you will get there eventually ;)


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