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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Did I really win an mtt on Friday????

Worked nights Saturday and Sunday but couldn't wait to get back to the poker on Monday. In all honesty I was still tired and shouldn't have played, made some silly plays and marginal calls and deserved to lose.
Last night was in a much better frame of mind, firstly played the 1.5k gtd on Sun, after two ridiculous outdraws I am out. Right, let's play the 12k, hmm, card dead and when I do get hands I am outdrawn again. And on it went, the 2k, lost two races when slight favourite, the next 1.5k lose another race.

I must not play so many mtt's though, sometimes it just isn't gonna be your night and it is time to shut the laptop down. Shall be back playing tonight though with a fresh mind and some hope of some luck!!

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx


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