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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BFWCOP and CPC again!

Well, what a great weekend. Spent it in London for the Betfair forum game. Got to London Friday afternoon and checked into the hotel. This is the second Betfair forum game I have been to and knew that it would be a good weekend.

Friday night is a team game, 8 teams of 8 playing 8 stt's. Saturday is the main game.

In team Flashmob again this year and thought we could do well. Game finally started and found myself at a table with Highstack, Dealem, Divaflava, Chop180, Ace3, Dubai and Reactive. Tough table but thought I could hold my own. Unfortunately the dealer did not share my belief. Got dealt rags after rags, with Highstack and Diva playing quite aggressive found it very difficult to get involved in any pots and by the first break I was struggling. I had seen KQ once and that was it.
After the break decided that things couldn't get any worse. I find KQ again and raise, everyone at the table except Dubai knew that this was the first pot I had opened up with a raise. Dubai then promptly puts me all in! Argh! Decide that I don't want to get knocked out with KQ and have to fold. Manage to get my chips in first a couple of times with rags and luckily everyone folds. At this point we are the only table that still has 8 players left and things are getting tough. Divaflava has been raising me in the blinds for fun and showing trash, me having to fold every single time, I get dealt QJ in the BB, Divaflava puts me all in, at this point I am short and decide that I have to take a chance and hope I have live cards. I call, he flips over AJ :-( No help for me and I am the first out on our table. Really disappointed with myself but just didn't get anything to play with, not one pair :-(
Rest of the Flashmob did great, Milton Badley and Boro winning there tables, if a couple of us had scored more points we may have been in with a chance. We finished fourth though which was a good result considering we were classed as the no-hopers.

Saturday morning went to the local cafe with Nifer and Longjon for a nice fry- up ready for the day ahead. Got to the Big Slick early and played an stt while waiting for every one else.
Main event finally started and I got off to a great start, increasing my stack from 10k to 14k by the first break.
After the first break got moved a couple of times and ended up on the same table as Milton Badley and Mandylou, think I actually took Mr Dests place after he had been knocked out!
Won a couple of pots, then played a hand terribly in the blinds losing half of my stack. Very next hand I have AJ in the sb, Mandylou in the cutoff raises, I push all-in. Not much more to him so he has to call, he has KQ, ace on the flop and I double up. A few hands later and I get dealt TT, ith the blinds starting to hurt me I push all - in. Get called instantly by a guy with AA, no miracle card and I am out :-(

Stuck around for a while, played an stt only to see my AK busted by A( and AJ to bubble then off to Croyden for a steak. Get back to the club to find the FT just about to begin. Find out that Prettyace bubbled for the FT when her AA was cracked by AQ, ul hun.
Snap of the Flashmob on the FT so rooting for him. Had to be the most entertaining FT I have ever watched, Snap was talking trash talk of the highest degree and eventually emerged victorious at 4.30am. Another fantastic weekend and great to meet all the faces, new and old, bring on next year!

Got back on the Sunday night feeling pretty tired but had the CPC final to play after qualifying during the week. Got off to a great start again and felt I was playing well. With 41 starters there were 2 seats up for grabs. We are down to 18 when this happens,

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Dests [Ad Ah]
ThunderP: folds
Dests: raises to 600
Chr250322: folds
nikov1: folds
bearass: folds
Maddieann: folds
Joedevola: raises to 1400
castof: folds
TeamRaute: folds
Dests: raises to 4138 and is all-in
Joedevola: calls 2738
----- FLOP ----- [8s 3h Qh]
----- TURN ----- [8s 3h Qh][Tc]
----- RIVER ----- [8s 3h Qh Tc][5c]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Dests: shows [Ad Ah] (A Pair of Aces, Queen high)
Joedevola: shows [8c 8d] (Three of a kind, Eights, Queen high)
Joedevola collected 8576 from Main pot

Win that and I am in top three, so damn annoyed, second week I have gone out to numbnuts with aces. Guy who knocked me out apologised and said he wanted to have a big stack for the FT. Well hunnie, that's definitely not the way to do it! Anyway, I really want to go to St. Kitts so will just have to keep trying.

Thx for reading,
Gl in your games,

Mrs D xx


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