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Saturday, April 05, 2008


Well, March was a dreadful month. Ended up at about -£600. Nothing going right for me at the tables, outdraw after outdraw.

Decided I needed to have a little break and didn't play for over a week. Came back to the tables Sunday and managed to qualify for the 40k for £12. I finished 29th for £280. After the terrible run I had it felt great to cash in an mtt!!

Monday I played the $20k alongside Dreamteam. Dreamteam was Omaha which is not my strongest game but I managed a 23rd for some ok points. Also managed to make the FT of the $20k. Unfortunately I got knocked out in 10th. Folded to me in the SB and I push with JT, BB decides that QJ is enough to call with and I'm gone.

Tuesday I was shattered. I start work at 7.30am and after a couple of late nights decided to leave the poker and have an early night.

Wednesday I played the $20k again and the 2k. Got knocked out of the 2k when my AA gets cracked by JT. Going great in the $20k though and make the FT again. This time I managed to get 4th for $1500. Over the moon with that, just wish that I could crack it one day.

Thursday I had another night off.

Last night I played the 1.5k, $20k and 2k. Was going great in all three and the first FT I hit was the 1.5k. We seemed to go from 10 on the FT to three in about 20 mins! Anyway I managed to win it for £474! Great confidence booster to nail one after my recent run and over the moon.
Unfortunately the other two mtt's suffered at the same time and I finished 22nd in the $20k which just covered my buy in.
In the 2k I managed to get back in it and made the FT. Totally card dead on the FT. With 5 left I make a stand in the BB with QJ to yet another button steal. He decides to call my all in with K4. I don't hit and I'm gone in 5th.

So in short, in one week I have gone from running like a Lada to making 4 FT's and getting a win. Just hope that it carries on in the same way.

Grand National today. Very tough betting race and most people are probably best off just using a pin. For me though, certain trends have to be taken notice of. No horse wins carrying more than 11st 1lb, must have won a chase over three miles, ran 4-6 times in the current season and to be between the ages of 8-12.
So, lol, I am backing

Cloudy Lane
D' Argent
Black Apalachi

Cloudy Lane in there as I really think he is the one they all have to beat, just hope he stays 4 and a half miles. But I still think I should go find my pin!!

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx