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Monday, October 23, 2006

Badbeat Live Final

Went to london on Thursday as me and Mr Dests decided to make a weekend of it.
Had a great night in London Thursday night, nice meal and a few drinks, Friday we spent the day doing the sights. Got back to the hotel to get ready for the evening, met Deejay, Ariston, Mandylou, PQ and Dubai in the hotel bar then we were off into London again for the evening to meet Mr Dests brother and sister-in-law for a meal and a few drinks. Got back to hotel and off to bed as wanted to stay fresh for the Saturday, unlike some who went off to karaoke till the early hours ;-)

Saturday morning had a walk around Canary Wharf and then back to the hotel to meet up with Nifer and Jon. Mr Dests got directions for the city bunker where the game was being held so off we walked only to get completely lost! Finally got to the place after a bit of fun involving a taxi and losing Mr Dests, lol.

Met up with our two other lovely team members Prettyace and Verapera. The scoring for the event was 104 players, 1st gets 104 points, last - 1 point with the top three scores counting. We decided that it would be best just to play our own game but keeping an eye out for each other to check when we lost our first player so that we could adjust accordingly if needed.

We started with 11660 chips which was just above average. I found out my table number and sat down. There was only one other guy who had sat down one away to my right. He introduced himself 'Hi, I'm Norman, pleased to meet you'. I looked at him and said 'Hi, I'm Rachel', I looked at him and thought I know this man? LOL - It was Norman Pace from Hale and Pace! He was a lovely guy but didn't last long as he started quite short stacked.

The table filled up and I started to wonder 'what the hell am I doing here!!'
I had two of the A Team (chip leaders) to my left who Ariston had told me were really good players!, Strokeit, Toshiwonka and Punterz that I knew of. Anyway we were soon off and running. First session I had QQ and 99 which I won small pots with and by the break I had roughly 15000 chips.
Second session and I was really card dead, managed to steal a couple of pots and the only hand of note was when I had QT of diamonds in the SB, with no raises I limped and the BB checked, the flop came Ad Xd Xd. I managed to get the BB to call my bets on the turn and river and won a nice pot. I then lost a few chips after raising UTG with AQ (I was very card dead :-( )
only to be called and reraised therefore I had to fold.
After the second break the blinds were starting to bite, I wasn't getting any cards and whenever I tried to steal I would run into someone with a hand :-( With the blinds at 600/1200 I got A8 in the SB and pushed for 8000 chips, the BB called me blind (he had lots of chips) with 73, lol. Luckily I doubled up.
Next round and the blinds went through me again without winning a pot. With about 7500 chips left I find AK off on the button and push. Punterz, (who can yak for England btw) is in the BB and after a think calls with J8. Flop comes Xh Xh Xh, great, I have the king of hearts, turn a blank, then the river - a jack :-( Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Gutted!
I am the first hunnie out in 49th place :-( I felt that Punterz would call as it did look like a steal and he just about had the odds, he did apologise and I slunk away.

I checked on the other hunnies and went outside for a ciggie only for Nifer to come out as she had just gone too. She was getting short and tried a steal only to run into QQ - very unlucky. As she is telling me Vera comes out looking extremely peeved off. After getting her chips in with JJ after hitting her third jack on the flop Mr Dealem gets a runner runner straight to send her out :-( With only Prettyace left and still 40 runners the 'Hunnies' dream of going to Singapore is over - damn!!!!
Pretty did fantastic to finish in the top 25 but she deserved much more for her commitment to this competition.

I think we can be proud of ourselves though!!

We then proceeded to get drunk, (well I did!), and had a great evening. Was great to meet all the forumites again who are all lovely people and fantastic to play with 'The Hunnies'. I feel that I have made some great friends and can't wait to meet up again if only for some more Zelda cuddles!!!

See you soon,

Mrs D xx

Monday, October 16, 2006


Well, had quite a good night last night, 3rd in the Flashmob again, (knocked out by Mr G again), wd to Mr G though. Also cashed in a couple of stt's. Have been feeling really bad with a heavy cold (woman flu) but think I have turned the corner.

Had a nice day today, off work so went to see one of my three horses who is on loan to Bicton college for the winter. After sorting the other two out, home, tea and time for some poker.

Started with the 4k gtd, was doing nicely until dealt QQ, guy raised 3xBB, he had played some awful hands so decided to push, got called by guy with 1000 chips less than me, he has A8, flop A8x. Oh well, then get dealt AK, push for my final 1000, called by A7, he hits str8 on river.

Decided to then play the 8.30pm £20 mtt and what a fish fest, AK all in called by K7 and A6?
Eventually so card dead that I ended up pushing with rags in the BB hoping for two live cards but it wasn't to be.

One thing I have noticed though is that when I used to play the £20 mtt's there was quite a good quality of play, now it feels like playing a £2 mtt.....strange.

Anyway, don't want to moan too much ;-) Off to London on Thursday for the weekend. Playing in the badbeat live final on Saturday for our team 'The Hunnies'. Little bit nervous as it is a team comp and there is 6 seats to Singapore up for grabs. There are going to be some very good players there but I believe that we have every chance........after all, we are women ;-)

gl all

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well, hello all and welcome!! I decided to give this blog stuff a go as everyone else seems to have one.

I play poker as a bit of fun really and some extra money does come in handy (when I manage to win). My true passion is my horses but I do enjoy poker too. Hopefully I can post some interesting stuff, (probably not!!), and do pop in from time to time.

Well it is Sunday night, full of cold, feet up with the laptop and shall play some poker. Hope you are all lucky.

See you soon,