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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Had an awful night last night :-( Felt that I was playing well but just kept getting done over by clueless muppets or just getting outdrawn and picking wrong spots to steal.

Played the $16k on BF - slow start, finally got going and with 28 left it is folded to me in the SB, I have T8 and have been utterly card dead for half an hour, no chances to steal so with 7 BB's left I push, BB calls instantly with AK....doh!

Played the 12k on Sun, was going really well. Blinds 50/100 and I raise to 300 with QQ, guy next to me instantly pushes with 2015 chips, call to find he has A9!! Ace on the turn and I am struggling, never got back into it.

Then played the $3.5k gtd on Sun, doing ok but not great, end up going out on a coinflip, my AK vs TT.

Next was the $5k gtd on Sun, very slow start, double up with QQ vs ............K3, lol. Then next hand get dealt KK. Raise 3 x BB and a guy who has me covered pushes all in. Call and he has AK, ace on the river!

Oh and played a few $50 sixpaks on BF, ran my decent hands either into better hands or idiots who always seem to hit with their rags.

Sometimes I really hate this game.

Off out tonight, nice chinese restaurant then gonna go play a live freezeout at the local casino, at least if they outdraw me I can pour a drink over their heads!!! lol

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Friday, April 27, 2007

When not to play poker!

Hello all,

Not a great deal to report, been running a bit bad and playing bad as well. Managed a 7th in the 4k which was nice but nothing much else. Problem is that I have been playing when tired, I am just going through the motions. I am tired and start to believe that my TT is good after a raise and a reraise, looool. It is as if I just don't care and don't believe that the other players have a hand. Also, when I am tired I find the early stages of an mtt really boring. Stupid to throw money away and I really need to get a hold on this.

Brilliant result for one of the Hunnies the other day in the $100k on Mansion. Prettyace won it for a very nice $24k. Must be such a buzz to get a result like that, well done hunnie!!

I was thinking that I would like to qualify for the WSOP this year but it doesn't really come at a good time so I have decided that I would really like to qualify for Singapore with Betfair this year. Mr Dests spent some of his childhood living there and would love to go back so when the sats start I shall be trying my hardest.

Another well done to Mr G (UkGatsby), for taking a couple of big runner mtt's down, he consistantly does well and is defo on top of his game!

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xx

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Did I really win an mtt on Friday????

Worked nights Saturday and Sunday but couldn't wait to get back to the poker on Monday. In all honesty I was still tired and shouldn't have played, made some silly plays and marginal calls and deserved to lose.
Last night was in a much better frame of mind, firstly played the 1.5k gtd on Sun, after two ridiculous outdraws I am out. Right, let's play the 12k, hmm, card dead and when I do get hands I am outdrawn again. And on it went, the 2k, lost two races when slight favourite, the next 1.5k lose another race.

I must not play so many mtt's though, sometimes it just isn't gonna be your night and it is time to shut the laptop down. Shall be back playing tonight though with a fresh mind and some hope of some luck!!

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A win!!!!!!!

Hello all, sorry for the lack of posts but haven't been playing much in April. First few days was on nightshift then went up to my parents up in Cumbria for easter weekend. Had a great time, haven't been there for over 12 months and was great to catch up with old friends, must say though that I am defininitely a soft southerner now though, it was bloody cold!

Anyway, back to the poker on Tuesday and nothing of note, getting done by beats mostly :-( Dreamteam was terrible on Thursday, never got going and when down to 15oo chips with blinds at 100/200 I find TT in LP. Early raiser and I push, he insta calls with QJ! A Q on flop and I am done. Currently third in the individual leaderboard but a lot slowly catching so can't afford to have any more bad weeks.

Last night I decided to play the $16k on BF and the 2k on Sun. $16k started slowly, after first hour I was below starting stack. Not long after break I managed to double up with TT and was back in it. Got dealt KJ in the BB, three limpers so I check. Flop comes K7J. I check, one guy bets 200, next guy raises to 800 and I reraise to 1500. Early guy folds and second guy calls, turn is a queen, I jam and am called by KQ, jeez. River is a queen, lol, and I am out. Funny thing is that the KQ guy is a well known BF forumite who when playing against a few months ago decided to give me stick at a table after my JJ cracked his QQ after a low flop. Funny how these guys are the quickest to tell people how they should play but don't seem to practice what they preach. Fair enough that he was probably committed but my re-reraise after the flop should make him think he is behind.

Meanwhile, I am ticking along nicely in the 2k gtd. Easily make the FT in about 5th position. Absolutely card dead for a long time and just having to fold fold fold while the others are knocking each other out. With five left I am bottom and decide I am gonna go for it. Get a couple of nice hands and go on a stealing mission, soon find myself chip leader with three left :-) The other two seem to be looking to guarantee 2nd as quite a jump in the prizepool so I just continue to steal the blinds without much resistance. Get dealt 77 in the BB and the sb pushes, I call he has A5, gets no help and we are heads up! I had a 4 to 1 chip advantage and felt I could win. A few hands in and I get A6, he is on sb and raises, I reraise, he pushes and I have to call. He has 55, flop brings a 6 and I have won!! A nice payout of £696 and really pleased to have finished one off. Have won this one a couple of times now and defo one of my lucky mtt's!!!

On nights for the next couple of nights so no poker but looking forward to getting back to it on Monday.

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxxx

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Well, after a terrible February, March had to pick up and it did!

Firstly, last night I was in the mpp final on Betfair, 1st prize a Range Rover Sport and nice prizes for the top 40. Only 132 runners and I felt that I could at least win something. Decided to play the $16k along side this.

Mpp final started great and within half an hour I had doubled my starting stack. Got dealt AKh in early position and raised. Guy in late position reraises me, he has half my stack and I decide that I am happy to gamble to build up a nice stack and feel a lot more comfortable. I reraise him all in and he calls. He has QQ, two hearts on the flop, but turn and river a blank and I am back to starting stack. Card dead for a while when I get dealt JJ. Playing 1900 chips with blinds at 100/200, I raise to 500. One caller flop comes 8T3. I feel that I am ahead, don't think he has a bigger pair due to the way he has been playing. I decide to push not wanting the turn to give him a high card. He calls with TT :-( Nice set! Doh! Oh well, no prize for me.

Meanwhile in the $16k I have been going along nicely. Manage to steal a few pots with blinds at 200/400 and 300/600 and I am in the top ten. Not had any luck in this mtt in the past, normally going out near the bubble. But before I know it bubble has burst and we are pushing for the FT. Get dealt KK, blinds at 500/1000 ( I think) and I raise to 2700, BB calls and flop comes 9 high. I push and he calls with Q9, turn brings a queen and I am about to launch the laptop! Thankfully though the river brings a king :-) Make final table but have a terrible spell when I am raising with mid pairs only to get reraised all in and having to fold. With about 4 x BB's left I push with A5. One caller, (Mr Q9 man), and he has AK. Know that I am beaten, type 'gg' then I hit a miracle 5 on the river! Manage to hold it together and find myself heads up. Oppo has 200,000 chips to my 50,000. Get dealt AT in the BB, he pushes, I call. He has QJ and hits two jacks. Over the moon with 2nd though which paid $3200 and have finally beaten my jinx in the $16k :-)

Rest of March was a lot better, eight FT's, three of these were in Badbeat/Dreamteam which I was really happy with. Also won $1400 for rakeback freeroll and $3200 in $16k.

So have ended the month at about £2k in profit :-) If only it could be like this every month!!! Hoping that I can carry on the same in April!! Also would like to mention the £2 mtt thread on Betfair forum, it has a great atmosphere, everyone cheers each other on and it makes you try that little bit harder, well done UkGatsby :-)

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx