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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A good week and Dreamteam

Hello all, bit late posting but been working 12 hour days all weekend :-(.

Had a good week on the poker. Three FT's but no wins.

Managed another FT in the Dreamteam, this takes me to 4 FT's and 10 top 30 finishes out of 19 weeks, really pleased with that. I am now 7th on the individual leaderboard but with only one week left I cannot win it. Had a few bad weeks on the trot which lost me any chance but am very proud of myself to have done so well in it. Also managed a cash in the $16k.

Also achieved two FT's in the 2k, finishing 3rd and 5th. This has always been my favourite mtt due to the good results I have had in it. It also seems to be getting more popular and there was a £3.5k prizepool last night.

This Thursday going up to London as it is the Dreamteam live final on Saturday. Meeting up with 'The Hunnies' Friday night and going to play a £30 FO at the Western Club. Should be great fun and then the final on Saturday. We are about halfway down the leaderboard so have some work to do but really looking forward to it as it was a great day last year and a good laugh.

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Devon County and a nice result

Went to Devon County show with Jazz on Thursday. She is only two so can be a real handful at shows as she gets quite excited, but she was very well behaved considering that it is a really busy show. She got 6th which I was happy with.

Got back Thursday night feeling really tired. Had to play Dreamteam, not a good night, very card dead and bust out quite early. Opened up Sun and decided to register for the 6k gtd. God knows why as I was really tired and should have just gone to bed. After an hour or so I am just bored and tired as getting no hands and getting nowhere fast. Then this hand happens -

---- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Dests [Ts Ks]
ThierryH: folds
Dax777: calls 200
Eagle1810: folds
Mic260862: folds
Flopjack: folds
girlyjack: calls 200
Sharon11: folds
Dests: calls 100
redmundir: checks
----- FLOP ----- [Tc 9c 5s]
Dests: bets 800
redmundir: folds
Dax777: calls 800
girlyjack: raises to 3440 and is all-in
Dests: is all-in 2440
Dax777: is all-in 1885
Returned uncalled bets 200 to girlyjack
----- TURN ----- [Tc 9c 5s][6s]
----- RIVER ----- [Tc 9c 5s 6s][4s]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
girlyjack: shows [9d Td] (Two Pairs, Tens and Nines, Six high)
Dests: shows [Ts Ks] (A Flush, King high)
Dax777: shows [Ah Ad] (A Pair of Aces, Ten high)
Dests collected 1110 from Side pot #1
Dests collected 8855 from Main pot

Terrible fishy play from me, lol and very lucky but I just wanted to go to bed :-)

So, with a decent stack I decide to see how I get on. Scrape into the money, top 30. Always at the bottom of the field but manage to steal myself into the top 20. Decide at this point that as 11th pays the same as 20th I am gonna go on a stealing spree and either bust or hit FT with a stack. Start pushing every few hands and find myself on the FT as chipleader after being 20th of 20, lol.

Final table starts badly, I have become trigger happy with all the stealing and get caught out a couple of times. Anyway, finally end up in the last three. Lots of stealing going on from the button and I push with 22, BB calls with K9, K on flop and I am 3rd for £600. Very happy with that though considering that I just wanted to go to bed :-) :-)

Got a few days off this week so hopefully can get some nice results.

Gl in your games,
Mrs D x

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Things looking good

Had a good couple of evenings with two FT's.

Friday night managed 6th in the £1.5k gtd, was going great on the FT when dealt AKc. Blinds 600/1200, utg limps and I make it 8000, utg then pushes, alarm bells going off in my head that he has AA but decide to call just to find out, doh!! He has AA and I am crippled. Out next hand.

Saturday night make FT again in £1.5k gtd, get down to 4 left and I am bottom in chips, TT on the button and I push, sb calls with AQ, A on turn and I am 4th. Happy though and feeling really confident with my game at the moment.

Today's mission is to qualify for the 40k, just finished 2nd in an stt for it so doubled my money, haven't played the 40k for a long time so fancy giving it a go.

Back at work Tuesday but got Thursday off as I am taking my two year old filly to Devon County show. I bred her myself and she is called Jazz, hopefully she can do well in the youngstock in hand class, would mean more than ten FT's :-) Just need to pray for nice weather now!

gl in your games,

Mrs D xxxx

Monday, May 07, 2007

April, running bad and a tiny light at the end of the tunnel

Hi all, bit late with an update, could get really boring, lol.

April wasn't a great month, had a win which was nice but overall a disappointing month, probably about £400 down for the month.

The reason for this is a combination of running bad and consequently playing bad. When your decent hands keep getting outdrawn or running into the nuts I find that I then don't really care and stick them all in with hands like TT just to prove how bad I am running, lol. Crazy!
Also still playing when tired, stupid!

I truly believe to be a long term winning player you have to have first and foremost, discipline. Something that I know I lack at times and I must work on this.

May started awful, couldn't do a thing right. Then on Saturday I won the £1500 gtd on Sun :-) Was about average chips with 20 left, 10 get paid and with 13 left everyone tightened right up. Took advantage of this by stealing a lot of hands and went to the FT with a nice chipstack.
On the FT one key hand was when I had 55, raised from LP and BB (about same stack as me) calls. Flop comes 5x6, all spades. I bet half the pot and he calls, turn is a low blank, I fire again and he calls, at this point I am getting increasingly worried about the flopped flush. River brings another 6, nice! I push, he calls with JJ and I am chip leader by quite a way ;-)

Soon find myself heads up against ClintonO who has been my nemesis in the DreamTeam games. I am aware that he won't make it easy for me. Very stupidly raise with A2, he pushes and I call, he has AQ and I double him up. With about the same stacks I find 88 in the sb, I raise and he pushes. Hope that I am ahead and call, he has A6, no help from the board and I have won.

Last night though back to my normal run. After the win I feel confident, play a £40k sat first. I have QJ in the sb, everyone limps and I make up. Flop comes Qd6dQc, I bet, one caller, turn is Ad, I bet again, he calls, worried about flush when Jd falls on the river! I bet he raises me all in, I call instantly, lol, and he turns over KdTd, didn't see that coming!

Two more mtt's, run KK into AA after 3 minutes in one, lol, and get done by set over set in the other.

Things can only get better.

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxxxx