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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


An early end of month as crypto kicked it's legs in the air and died earlier tonight.

Managed three FT's since last post but no wins. Had a great month though, with three wins, one 2k gtd and two 1.5k gtd's, final profit stands at £3890. One of my best months this year. Just would like to take down one of the bigger mtt's like the $20k or the 40k. You need to have more than your fair share of luck though, winning the 50/50's and trying not to get outdrawn.

Lots to luck forward to in November especially the CPC in St. Kitts. The resort looks amazing. Everything is booked and sorted so now just count the days till we go. If I could get a result in the poker that would be the icing on the cake but mostly looking forward to just getting away for a week.

Back at work next week, not looking forward to it, hopefully things will be ok.

Oh, and a big shout to Ukgatsby for another Gatsby award!!

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Funny old game

Playing mtt's are like waiting for a bus. You have no results of note for a while and then bang, they turn up all at once.

Monday night played the usual mtt's on Sun. Knocked out of most losing races or getting outdrawn. Was doing great in the $20k, with 24 left I was in the top five, then I blew up in what can only be called a 'spectacular' style. First hand, A3 in the BB, only just been moved to the table, guy who I class as being quite aggressive raises from the cut-off into the unopened pot. I thought it was a steal and pushed all-in for the re-steal hoping to get him to fold. He calls with JJ, doh!!, and half my stack is gone. Read it completely wrong, very next hand get AQ, still kicking myself from the previous hand I raise in mp. Limper in early position re-raises me, I didn't think for one moment that he was trapping with a big hand, tbh I didn't even bother to think and stuck my chips in. He calls instantly with AA, doh, doh, doh. Two hands later get AK utg, push all in and the BB calls with A6, 6 on the flop and I have bubbled. All my own fault for playing like a complete donkey.

Last night played the 1.5k, 2k and $20k. The 1.5k is currently my lucky tourney, cruised through it, never had my chips in danger until heads up and won it again for £504.

At the same time the $20k was going well again, but with the bubble approaching I very nearly went out again, I should have gone out but I got a huge suckout. Once again in the sb I get dealt TT, I have just tangled in a big pot with the guy on the button which I won. All folded to him and with the blinds at 400/800 he raises to 3200. I thought it was quite a big raise and looked like a steal. I re-raise to 6400 and he just calls. Flop comes 2J4, I bet 3200 and he pushes all-in. At this point I should have folded but I read it completely wrong again and called, he had AJ, turn is a K, river a miracle ten. I did apologise and felt pretty bad but the amount of times the same has happened to me I guess it all evens out. Finally got to the FT but was quite short and in eighth. Two hands in I get dealt 99 in the BB. Big stack raises, I push, he calls with AQ and I double up. Next hand I get A6 in the sb. All folded to me, I raise the BB, he calls, flop comes 5AK, I bet, he raises so I push, he has KJ, my hand holds up and I am back in it.

Eventually get down to three handed but the chipleader has a huge stack compared to me and the other guy. Manage a double up to put me in clear second and then the killer blow, me
vs the chipleader.

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Dests [Jd Js]
Snakey002: raises to 9000
Dests: raises to 36000
Elain1112: folds
Snakey002: raises to 359268 and is all-in
Dests: is all-in 50328
Returned uncalled bets 272,940 to Snakey002
----- FLOP ----- [Kc 5c 7s]
----- TURN ----- [Kc 5c 7s][Qc]
----- RIVER ----- [Kc 5c 7s Qc][2c]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Snakey002: shows [Ts Tc] (A Flush, King high)
Dests: shows [Jd Js] (A Pair of Jacks, King high)
Snakey002 collected 176856 from Main pot

If I win that pot I have guaranteed second and think I could have won it. Not complaining though as I got lucky to get to the FT. $2k for third and another brilliant night. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Thx as ever for reading,
Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Monday, October 22, 2007

A good night

Haven't had much to update, was having a quiet week, breaking even most nights.

Played the 40k, 1.5k and 2k last night. Qualified for the 40k via satellite for £13. 1.5k went great, was winning lots of pots, getting some nice cards at the right time and managed to make the FT in the top three. Knocked out about four players to give me a decent chip lead and finally ended up heads up with even stacks. Heads up lasted for about 45 mins! I would get ahead then my opponent would double up again. My TT vs AQ and my A8 vs 33 both got him back in it. Finally managed to get the upper hand and had the chip lead by quite a large margin. Get dealt QQ in sb and just limp. He pushes with A7, flop is 477 (argh) turn a blank and river a queen!! £606 for the win and pleased to have another win.

In the 40k I was just mooching along. One key hand was when I get dealt KK in EP, blinds 400/800. Raise to 2400 and get one caller, flop comes K77, bingo, just check and he bets, I call, turn a blank, check again, he bets, I call, river another blank, I let the clock run and finally push hoping to look weak, he instantly calls with AA and I have doubled up. Bubble soon bursts but I am quite short, manage to limp into the top 20. Afer an age finally make the FT but I am a short stack, with one gone already I push with my small stack with 99, no good against AQ and I am ninth for £827.

Obviously pleased with the evening and hopefully things will continue in the same vein.

Other things in life not fantastic, been signed off work for another two weeks with stress and other shit. Hopefully things will begin to turn around and can get back in a fortnight.

Thx for reading,
Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last couple of days

Sunday night played the bloggers game on Pokerstars and also the 40k on Sun.

40k went well for first few hours, always above average chips but when it matters the cards just dried up on me. Got past the bubble and found A3 in the BB, with only about 4 BB's left the button put me all in, I called, he has KJ and hits, out in 36th so got my money back and a little more.

Bloggers game was great fun. 1300+ starters with a 10k starting stack, after the first hour I was still on 10k and getting bored, decided to just play loose, after getting a couple of sick outdraws I was in the top 30, lol. Then decided to take it a little more seriously. Finally ended up in 26th which won me a 160gb i-pod. Was quite chuffed to finish this high with so many runners. Well done to Pandybear too who also won an i-pod. Poor guy who finished 10th not only bubbled the FT but got 33 poker books!! I would have been sick, lol.

Last night managed a FT on the 2k but only got 9th after running a steal into aces. Elsewhere was getting some sick hands, JJ all in on a 242 flop to be called by 66 who hit a 6 on the turn. In the 20k went out with AK on an AK8 flop, he had 88 :-(

Playing a battle of the forums game tonight on Betfair, should be great fun with a percentage going to charity. Playing for the ladies team and hopefully we shall kick some male ass!!

Thx for reading,
gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Poker stars blogger mtt

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 9539298

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another pleasing evening

Played three mtt's last night, the $16k on Betfair and the $20k and 2k on Sun.

$16k on Betfair didn't really go to plan, lost a huge chunk early with QQ when my oppo kept check calling on an ace high board, put him down as weak with no ace and he flips over AJ, doh! Always struggling from there and eventually went out in 38th.

2k went well and made the FT in about 5th position. Felt that I could win this again, stacks pretty even. All going well until I get dealt AQ in the BB with 5 of us left, blinds 1500/3000 and I have about 35k. Folded to the button who pushes, he has done this every time it has been folded to him so I call, he has 78, no help for him until the river drops an eight :-( This leaves me with 3k and next hand I am out. Win that one and I am chipleader with four left.

$20k going ok as well. Manage to scrape into the money after my button push with 34 is called by the BB with AJ and I hit a four. At that point I was lowest in chips and really had no other choice. Make it to the FT quite comfortably in about seventh. Win a huge pot with AK vs 66 to put me second with six left. Unfortunately I have the huge chipleader to my left so stealing is very difficult as he is prepared to take people on with marginal hands. Lose a huge pot to him on a 66854 board, I have 78, he has 66!! After that begin to struggle, blinds getting big and I am pushing at every available time. With five left and with about 5xBB's left I push utg with 44, BB has QQ and am out in fifth. Nice enough payout so can't complain.

Two FT's then and things seem to still be going well. Wish I could say this about the rest of life. Work is a shit, been getting a lot of headaches so went to docs yesterday and he has put it down to stress. If I had enough money to be able to back me up I think I would just jack it in and play poker while looking for something better. Unfortunately it is not an option at the moment.

Thx as ever for reading,
gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A nice start to October

Well, my run of form after winning the CPC seat seems to be staying for the moment.

Played the $50k on Mansion the other night, this is a $50 rebuy, I got to the first break having had no rebuys, I added on and was just above average stack. Managed to end up 15th for an ok payout, was really pleased with the way I played though as I got KK once and no other pocket pairs above nines the whole tourney.

Last night played the $20k, 2k and $13k on Sun. Got off to a fantastic start in the $20k, by the first break I was in the top five, then in the second hour this hand happened

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Dests [Ts Th]
danfix: raises to 450
hannible: calls 450
Luckylud: folds
jwizard77: folds
REDEYEZ: folds
Dests: calls 450
kk.16: folds
...rory..: folds
loibedo: calls 300
----- FLOP ----- [4d Tc 5h]
loibedo: checks
danfix: checks
hannible: bets 900
Dests: calls 900
loibedo: folds
danfix: folds
----- TURN ----- [4d Tc 5h][3s]
hannible: bets 5550
Dests: raises to 8140 and is all-in
hannible: is all-in 1285
Returned uncalled bets 1,305 to Dests
----- RIVER ----- [4d Tc 5h 3s][2c]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Dests: shows [Ts Th] (Three of a kind, Tens, Five high)
hannible: shows [Ad Ah] (A Straight, Five high)
hannible collected 17345 from Main pot

Sick pot, win that and I am chip leader by a long way and feel that I could have gone deep.

In the 2k things are going nicely and I get to the FT fifth in chips. Had some nice hands at the right time. Eventually end up heads up, he has 128k and I have about 26k. Just play aggressive and manage a luckbox double up with A2 vs AT. Win another huge pot with top pair vs his second pair. I now have him down to 49k. I get dealt Q4s in the BB. He calls, I check, flop comes ace high with two spades, I bet, he pushes with an ace, I call and hit my flush on the river. Really pleased with a win and the 2k is definitely my favourite mtt :-)

Still in the $13k with about average stack. This changes in the space of three hands, first one I double up with AA, then I get dealt TT, guy raises to 3 x BB. I call, flop comes ten high, he bets, I raise and he pushes with his aces. No help from him and I am chipleader. This is when it went pear shaped. was getting dealt complete trash, every time I tried a move I had to fold. With 32 left and 30 paid I get dealt 66 in the sb, folded to me so I raise and the BB reraises, I push and he calls with kings, doh!

Pleased with how things are going though, just wish my job could be just as enjoyable, really getting to the end of my tether with shiftworking and lots of other shit going on. Would love to tell them to stick there job but unfortunately I have bills to pay :-(

Thx for reading,
Gl in your games,
Mrs D xxxx

Monday, October 01, 2007


What a month. Sorry haven't updated much but had one hell of a month at work and the poker was terrible, no-one wants to read about my bad beat whingeing.

Terrible first three weeks of the month, kept getting my chips in ahead only to hit the inevitable outdraw. Made some FT's but always ended up only getting 8th, 9th etc, which in mtt's is no good. I know that because I mostly play mtt's the variance is a killer. Just have to keep plugging away at it and it does turn.

Things finally changed last week when I got second in the £2k gtd on Sun. Managed some other FT's and things were beginning to turn around.

Last night decided to play a thunder to the CPC Final and the $150k on Mansion. Won a seat in the thunder for $70 and made my third CPC final. My luck in these have been terrible. With only one seat up for grabs I knew it would be tough to get through. Had a dream start in the first level when I hit a set of eights and find that my opponent has hit a set of two's. From then on I seemed to stay at the same level. Had QQ busted twice by AJ and AK after I had hit a set on the flop. Just kept my focus and ended up on the FT. This was a real rollercoaster but I felt that I was playing at my best. Eventually got four handed and with the chip lead I just bullied the others and was winning a lot of pots. Before I knew it we were heads up with level stacks. I then get dealt AJd. I raise, he pushes. He has been getting me off a lot of pots earlier so I decide to call. He has QQ :-( Flop comes with two diamonds, turn a blank, river a diamond!! Lucky me!!

Finally got a seat and over the moon, me and Mr Dests were supposed to be going on holiday when my dad was taken ill earlier this year. I told him that I would get us a trip to St. Kitts and I have done it. He didn't believe me for one minute either!

Meanwhile I am down to the last 18 in the $150k on Mansion from 850 starters. After being heads up in the CPC I haven't been paying it that much attention. Get dealt 77 in the cutoff. I push for 77k, the button reraises all in for 100k. He has A9?? He hits his ace and nine on the flop and a nine on the turn for good measure and I am out in 18th for $1200. Win that one and I am in the top three with a $33k top prize to play for. Never mind though as was still buzzing from the CPC but it would have made a great evening fantastic!

So including the CPC, my profit for September ended up at about £4.5k, not bad considering that I was having my worst month of the year!!

Thx for reading.

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxxx