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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dests is back!

Hello all, well, Cheltenham ended ok, Katchit and Wichita Lineman got me out of trouble and ended just a little bit down.

Thursday was Hunnies night and I made the FT again for the second week in a row!!!! Fifth this time but really happy and have now jumped up to 6th in the indidvidual leaderboard which I am really happy with!!

Worked 12hr shifts Sat, Sun and Mon, how exciting it is to be taking the lid of a reactor, lol, not!

Got home Monday just in time to play the Sun $3500 freeroll which is put on via the site I get my rake from. Great value, you only need to rake $200 a month to qualify. I haven't been playing my Sun account lately as I had such a bad February on it and was down to peanuts in my account. Refuse to deposit so was hoping for a decent result last night. 37 runners and 5 paid. At no point was I in the top five for the majority of it and I reached the FT 9th of ten.

Was getting no cards and just had to keep pushing with rags to stay ahead of the blinds. Finally got a decent stack and I look down to find KK in front of me with 2 all-ins in front of me. Instant call and I am up against AQ and AQ. Brilliant!! Until an ace falls on the river!

Now very low and I go on tilt mode, pushing with ATC and finally double up with JJ :-) Calm down again and eventually find myself heads up against Fishpoo from the forum. We are about even but he is slowly getting the upper hand. I finally double up against him with A8 vs his preflop push with low cards. After an epic battle heads up and a lot of pushing preflop, he goes all in, I decide to call with K9, hoping to be ahead as I believed he would push with ATC. He has 22, I hit a king and it is over, I am $1400 richer and my sun account is back in business :-)

Happy days

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Didn't post yesterday, managed two winners at Cheltenham, but could have been a lot better :-)

Poker was awful, played 3 mtts, 1.5k on crypto - AA beaten by KJ
2k - AK lost to JJ
$11k on BF - TT lost to A2 after all the chips went in on a
862 flop, muppet!

Right, horses today -

2.00 - Limited Addition and Vic Venturi
2.35 - Monet's Garden
3.15 - Blazing Bailey and Overstrand ( like United too, lol)
4.00 - Opera Mundi
4.40 - Gungado
5.20 - ???????

gl all,

Mrs D xxxxxx

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Poker and Racing :-)

Back playing poker last night, only played two mtt's, the 1.5k and the $16k on BF.

Finished 10th in the 1.5k so another FT, 31st in the $16k, decided to race with TT, guessed guy had AK,AQ and was right, problem is he hit :-)

First day of Cheltenham today, yeehah!

My bets

2.00 Hide The Evidence

2.35 Fair Along

3.15 Detroit City

4.00 Heltornic

4.40 Spot the Difference

5.20 Gaspara

gl all :-)

Mrs D

Friday, March 09, 2007

Back on the up!!

Well, poker is a funny game, after a terrible February things are finally picking up.

Wednesday night stuck to my guns and played two mtt's on crypto, the 1.5k gtd and the 2k gtd, went out of the 2k with AQ vs KJ but managed another FT on the 1.5k, ending up in fifth which I was more than happy with.

Thursday night is hunnies night with the dreamteam/badbeat game on BF. Got off to a great start with AQ vs KQ on a Q high flop and was going well until about 40 left. Blinds 400/800 and I have roughly 2500 chips left, been getting no hands whatsoever and realise I can't let the blinds go through again, push UTG with K6, lol, and get one caller with A7, hit a king and double up! Next hand in the BB I pick up TT, button raises, I push and he calls with 77, win that and suddenly I am back in it with 13000 chips. Sonn find myself in the money but the game then becomes very tight. No hands and end up doing lots and lots of stealing to stay in it. Eventually make the FT in 4th. Tight play again on FT and with some well timed steals and a couple of hands make it to the last four without hardly showing a hand. With the blinds at 4000/8000 though and an average stack of about 50000 it was getting increasingly difficult. Dealt 22 in the BB and raise to 20000 wanting to just pick up the blinds, BB pushes and I have roughly 23000 left, can't pass, pray that I may be racing and call, he has 77 and I am out in 4th after nearly 5 hours!!!

Really enjoyed it though and feel that my confidence is coming back :-) Great cheerleading from Prettyace and UkGatsby helped too!!

Working nights Fri, Sat and Sun nights so a little break from poker then the rest of next week off so bring on some more poker and Cheltenham!!!!

gl in your games,

Mrs D xxx

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A new strategy

Well, I think I must be addicted to this bloody game!!! 24hrs after saying I was having a break and I end up playing.

Steve, (my better half), was playing and gonna watch footy too. Now, I have never believed the rigged theories but I had totally lost confidence when playing my Sun and BF accounts (stupid I know!) so decided to fire up a very old Will Hill account that I have and discipline myself to playing just two mtt's, the 1.5k gtd and the 2k gtd. Also decided to not even open the BF forum or MSN as I find that I do not concentrate on my game enough.

The 1.5k gtd went ok but lost a couple of big pots with KK vs K9 and AK vs 88. Here we go again I thought. Then played the 2k, got off to a great start and before I know there are 20 left with 10 paid. Now after so many bubbles I could not believe how tight I was playing, I was just happy to blind my way onto the FT. Luckily quite a few went for it and before I know it I am on the FT! Eighth in chips but find JJ and AT doubles me up. Never got near the top but managed to finish in 4th place for £200 which was great.

So, gonna keep playing my WH account for the moment and keep the same discipline of choosing few games and concentrating, less posting on the forum and hopefully I can pick up where I left it in January :-)

Thanks to Mr G for the mention on his blog, he is a top bloke and a friend. Cheltenham next week and as I am nightshift all weekend I have next week off!! I am quite a follower of NH racing and shall hopefully pick a few winners, should be good fun and hopefully we can run a bit of a fun competition for the £2 thread.

Finally, a great shame to see MC has given up poker, but when you are constantly banging your head against a brick wall what is the point of punishing yourself further. I know he is a good player and will miss his brilliant funny posts.
Also hope Canaryboy is having a fab time in Thailand, he deserves it and will be just the break he needs.

Gl in your games,

Mrs D xxx

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bloody game

Well, PMA and all that when I started tonight, lol.

Played four mtt's

12k satellite

played no hands and get KK, blinds 15/30, guy raises to 120, one caller, I reraise to 300, both call, flop 836, I bet 360, guy puts me all in, I call, he has A6!!, turn is an ace, lol.

1.5k gtd on Sun

Was going great guns in top ten, blinds 100/200, get dealt 88, call a raise to 400, flop 478, checked to me, bet 1200, guy pushes, I call, he has 66 and hits 6 on turn, would have given me chip lead. Did I need to get involved?? Well, sick of struggling in these late on and then bubbling.

2k gtd on Sun

Totally card dead, find KJc in mid pos, push to unopened pot, get called by A9. Yep, not a great play with that hand but I had to do something, guy who called did so for 90% of his chips.

$2k gtd on BF

Once again get off to a great start, make one awful call with AT to ss all in but besides that never out of top ten, then

SS goes all in with 59s, call with 99, he hit flush.
QQ, bet pot preflop, 2 callers, low flop two diamonds, I push, guy had 9Td and hits flush.

Then when down to short, push with AT, called by QJ and he hits jack.

Bored yet?????

Bet you are if you got this far but not as bored as me!

Just had enough, need to play hunnies games but that will be it for the moment, just sick of it :-)

gl in your games

Mrs D xxx

update, sry hand in 1.5k, flop was 473, lol