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Saturday, May 24, 2008

About time I updated!

Sorry again for lack of updates. So damn busy with horses and work just haven't had chance.

Poker going pretty well, managed 4 mtt wins which is nice and quite a few FT's. All have been in the smaller mtt's so grinding a profit but would like to hit a decent sized win. It is tough going when every other week you are working evenings, not playing as much as I would like.

CPC is a cruise this year and I am determined to qualify again. Had a fantastic time last year, meeting some lovely people and really want to go again this year. Never been on a cruise but sure it will be fun. Anyone reading this who has never been really needs to try and qualify, it is such a good trip.

Crypto not getting much better, mtt's are getting less and less players. More muppets as usual but I am determined to stick it out for the mo. Tried other sites but prefer Crypto.

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xx

Friday, May 02, 2008


Sorry for lack of updates, been really busy with work and the horses. Also, after a great start to the month I have been running awful again and boring reports of bad beats don't interest anyone!

Finding the multis really tough at the moment on Crypto. Seem to be more and more awful players. Also, there has been a real drop in the amount of players, maybe people have had enough.

Managed a profit of £911 for the month. Nice to show a profit but considering that by the 6th April I was £1500 up I know that I should have done better.

Hopefully things will be good in May.

Big shout once again to Ukgatsby who had a wonderful month in April creaming it off with a win in the £1500 added Super Series. For a low stakes player he does fantastically well.

Off to Badminton tomorrow to watch the cross country. Never been before and really looking forward to it.

Hope to update again soon, you never know I might have some good news!! ;-)

Gl in your games,
Mrs D xx