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Monday, November 20, 2006

Running good

Well, made another FT tonight in the GTD mtt's. Add that to one last night and I have made six this month. Only finished 7th tonight after being chip leader. Lost a couple of key pots and then pushed with TT to a min raise. He called with AK, A on turn and that was that. Still happy though as my game seems to be going well. Waiting for Sunpoker to update their GTD mtt FT leaderboard. Hopefully I have jumped a few places. Just need to finish one off now.

Gl in your games

Mrs D xxx

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Been a while

Sorry for not updating sooner, seem to be working all the time which at the moment is no fun whatsoever.

On the poker front things have been quite good. My quest for a star turned into a quest for a fin which I did get playing the £10 sixpaks. Decided to move up to the £20 ones, thought the standard would be better and was quite shocked to find that they are full of fish!! Won a couple but got outdrawn on numerous ones :-( therefore the fin has gone for the moment. I'll soon have it back though ;-)

Been playing on Sunpoker, just not the games I want to play on Betfair at the moment but I am sure this will change with time. Have been playing the GTD mtt's and so far have had a 3rd and 5th in the £2k gtd and a 3rd in the 4k gtd. Sunpoker have a promotion which is a leaderboard for FT finishes in the gtd mtt's. Doing ok in this so that is what I am concentrating on for the rest of November.

Did play the online BAPT main event on Betfair, there were some great added prizes on offer. The structure was 10k starting chips and a 30 min clock. Quite a slow structure for online and patience was the key. Was doing quite well, even got up to 11th at one point, but with no cards and some serious loony raisers on my table I ended up 43rd for 4 and a 1/2 hours work :-( Oh and I had a stinking headache. Was a good game though and hats off to Betfair for putting this on. Once things pick up and the site is a bit more user friendly I am sure I shall be playing on there regulary again.

Everyone back from Singapore now. Well done to Mr D (Dibble) for cashing in an event and for going deep in the main event, also to Zelda and a big WD to Highstack for winning the last event. Thoroughly deserved, a really nice guy and hope that everything is ok at home for him.

Thanks for reading,
gl at the tables,

Mrs D xxxx

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Betfair and my quest for a star

Hello all. Well Betfair changed over to their new software this week. I got to play it a bit earlier than some as Betfair put everyone who played in the Badbeat games in a preview freeroll.
This caused a bit of aggro on the forum as a lot of regular players were not included, I could understand their point though.

Downloaded the new software and the games began. It is not the most user friendly of software but I slowly got the hang of it. Was doing well until I ran my set of sixes into the big stacks set of sevens, lol.
I have since only played the software a few times but Mr Dests has been playing every night, took him forever to work out how to raise, how to register etc. but he was persevering until he had two games shut down on him and two where he could not play. I hope Betafair can sort these probs out as I am sure in the long term the site will be worth playing.

Meanwhile, I also have a newish account on Sunpoker. Now my SS stats for my Betfair account are BAD. My stt game left a lot to be desired and I would play a lot while in mtt's to relieve boredom. Anyway, they were awful and when Sharkscope came out I had them disabled to save my embarrassment!!! So, with this new account it has given me the kick up the backside to improve my single table game. At the moment it is going well. I have started at low stakes, $10 and £10 sixpaks and my goal is to get a star!!! So, this is my target for the next few weeks.

Gl in your games,

Mrs D