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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nearly a win :-(

Played a couple of games last night, first one was the 4k where I lasted to just past the first break. All folded to the button who raises 3 x BB, I'm in the BB, put him on a steal and push with KJ, he calls with 66 and game over, doh!!!

Also played the 10k on Betfair, first level, blinds 10/20 and get QQ, raise to 80 and get two callers, flop comes 4h 6s 6h, I bet 180, both call, turn is another rag, no heart, I bet 300, one caller and next guy pushes, don't like it one bit but I stupidly call, other guys calls leaving me 360 chips, first guy has KhTh and second guy has 67 off. River is a heart and I'm crippled, grrrr. Push with the rest of my chips with AJh and called by AQ, no help on board and I'm out.

Meanwhile I am playing the 2k on Sun, no hands for the first hour and I am down to 1200 chips with blinds of 150/300. Get dealt JJ and push, called by KK but hit a J so back in it. Then I had a dream of a run, got some nice cards and cruised onto FT with a chip lead of 12k over second. Decided to sit tight for a while and let the short stacks knock each other out. Pick up a couple of nice hands and keep building my stack. With four left I am still in the lead, just. Get AQ and raise, sb pushes (who has shown a lot of bluffs and has also hit some awful outdraws on others on table when playing awful hands) and four handed I like my AQ and call. He has KQ, great, but a K on flop and I am down to 8000 chips, grrr, muppet!!!! Get a little angry and start to push most hands and build back up to a decent stack knocking out the 4th with AK on the way.

With 3 left I get dealt KQ on the button, I push and am called by the BB with A6, no help and I am out in 3rd :-( Nice profit but I would really like a win!!!!!

Never mind, it must be on it's way soon.
Thx for reading.

gl in your games,

Mrs D xxxxx

Friday, January 26, 2007

A great evening

Wednesday night decided to play the 4k and 2k as normal plus on Tues evening I had won a seat for the 12k which I don't often play.

Didn't last long in the 4k, I play this tourney to try and get a big stack in the first 45 mins or bust out, with so many runners and a quick clock I like to get going quickly. Crashed and burned within the first half hour.

Started the 12k at 8pm and the 2k at 8.30pm. In the 12k I picked up a few small pots but didn't really get involved in too may big pots for the 1st hour.

In the 2k I got off to a flier, won a couple of big pots and when the cards dried up I could afford a bit of time. Unfortunetly I was pretty card dead for quite a while but I eventually managed to make the FT by stealing a lot of pots. Made the FT as the short stack and with the blinds threatening to eat me up I found AQ in late position. Pushed only to find that the sb had JJ who called. With a jack on the flop that was the end of me but pleased to have made another FT.

Meanwhile in the 12k I was struggling, in the bottom 10 and just picking up some blinds or small pots to keep me in it. Slowly but surely though the field narrowed and I got past the bubble. At this point I was more than happy as it had been such a struggle to keep my head above water. With only 3xBB left I pushed with QJ only to be called by KK. Flop came 89x, I had outs! Turn brought a jack and river another jack!!! Brilliant, I am still there. Managed to creep into the top 20. Before I knew it we were down to 11 and I was bottom. It didn't help that I was on the same table as the big stack and only five handed. Found QQ which doubled me up and we have made the FT. Won a couple of pots with AK, lost three players and I was then the short stack. All folded to me in the sb, I have KJ and push. BB has 99 and calls, damn! But flop brings a jack :-) Turn a blank and river brings a 9, nooooooooooo!!!! Out. Win that pot and it takes me to 3rd in chips. Never mind, pick up a nice £516 which for my £7.50 stake is a nice nights work.

Really happy with my play at moment though. Consistently making Ft's, just need a WIN!!

Thursday night and it is hunnies night, unfortunately it was also Mr Dests birthday so thought it would be a bit rude to play, had family coming round for a meal. Luckily UkGatsby had kindly agreed to play for me. He finished a fantastic 18th scoring a nice 800 points, with over 200 runners and him not getting dealt one pair all game he did fantastic. He can be a hunnie anytime he wants ;-) Thanks again for reading.

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxxx

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Playing live and loony women!!!!!!

Been going ok online, made a couple of final tables but can't make them pay enough, always in 7th, 8th. Played Dreamteam again on Thursday, handed out a couple of badbeats and managed 21st which I was quite happy with but should have been higher.

Played Friday night like a complete donkey and decided that I needed to get out and go and play a live game.
Local Grosvenor had a £15 freezeout so me and Mr Dests went down to play. 46 runners and we end up sat next to each other on same table! Totally card dead for first 45 minutes but was quite amusing to watch this crazy lady play. Don't think that she played a lot before. One hand a guy to her left makes it 500 to go, blinds 50/100, she calls everyone else folds. Flop come 585, guy goes all in. She ponders for a while and then says 'How do you know I don't have a 5'. His answer is that he doesnt think she would call such a big raise with a 5 unless she had maybe a pair. 'Hmm, well, I might have a 5!', and then folds. Five minutes later and a guy who is shortstacked makes it 350 utg. She calls, rest fold. Flop comes Kxx. He bets 400, she calls. Turn is a rag, he fires all in for about 500, she calls, he flips over AQ? She flips over A7??? River is a 7 and off he goes muttering about her.

Couple of hands later I get 99, first hand I have had. I raise to 400, all fold except her who calls. The flop come J67, I bet 500 hoping that I am ahead and she calls. Turn is a 3, decide to have another go as I believe I am ahead, she calls. At this point I am thinking that she has me beat, haven't got a clue where I am. River is a T and I check, she checks and we flip our hands over. When I see she has AT I nearly exploded, lol. Mr Dests grabbed hold of my leg as I can be a bit fiery with a drink inside me and tells me to keep calm, lol. She just smiles and says 'ohh, have I won?' The whole table is staring at her and she is just smiling!! OMG!! I have been beamed into 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' This woman is a sandwich short of a picnic, looooooool.

Anyway, I am down to 1100 and it is my BB, blinds 100/200. Four limpers including my loony friend and I turn over 99. Fire all in, all fold except her who calls. I say to the woman on my right 'This could be amusing' She flips over QQ!! Right, ok, she is limping with QQ. Flop comes 9T4, haha, got ya!!!!! Turn is an A, river is a Q! Oh well, that is the end of that then. But how do you play people like that! Apparently a couple of hands later she is asking the table if a flush beats 4 of a kind, hehe.

Play a bit of blackjack and lose £50 when a cash table starts up, NLTH £1/£2. Buy in for £50 and after a couple of hours I am £100 up so happy with that and time for home.

One interesting hand on the FT of the freezeout was when a guy pushed with 44, guy with KJ calls, flop J4J, turn a 9, river a J! So, live is just as rigged as online ;-)

Do enjoy playing live and really need to make the effort to go more often. The Grosvenor/Blue Square tour is in Plymouth in September so going to try and qualify for it, would be a great experience to play.

Gl in your games,

Mrs D xxxx

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Calling Station

I don't normally play during the day but today fancied a game so registered for a £20 sixpak.

First level get QQ, raise to 100, 2 callers, flop K58, both check so I bet 150, both call, turn is a blank, both check again, I check, river is a blank, both check again? Hmm, am I ahead? I stick in a bet of 250, both call! One has K2, the other A8, looool.

Right, I'm down to 500 now. Start to get a little bit tilty, every bet I make is called by trash, problem is I'm bluffing off my stack. I now have 280 chips left and I am angry, these guys are calling with middle pair, bottom pair, they are not folding! So, I decide to play like a rock and try and get back in it. First decent hand I get is AK, I just call, no point raising, they are calling with anything. Flop comes K high :-). I bet, two call, turn is a rag, I bet, two call, river is another rag, no straights or flushes on board and I push for my final 90 ish chips. They both call with 78 and KT :-).

Few hands later I am in BB with 7T, three limpers including my favourite two calling stations. Flop come 689 rainbow :-) Right, let's see you keep calling my bets now. I bet 100 and sure enough my two friends call. Turn is a K, I bet 150 and they both call, river a jack, I bet 250, one folds but the other calls with A6 :-) I am now back up to 1500 chips, lol. I ended up 2nd after a nice heads up battle against one of the better players on the table.

So, I was quite proud of myself that I didn't tilt completely. In the past I would get angry at calling stations and end up on tilt but I really enjoyed that game. One thing I did notice is NEVER go all in against a calling station. It is, as if they have come back to the real world and can't press the fold button fast enough, lol.

gl in your games,

Mrs D xxxxx

Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy Belated New Year!!!!!

Couldn't get in my blog account but just sorted it :-)

Happy New Year all!!

Had a great start to the New Year, 1st week over £1000 up with 3 FT's and a 12th in the 12k. But I just can't finish one off, hopefully it will come soon.

Unfortunately, my six pack game has crashed and burned, I am currently on super super tilt, just can't win a race, put my chips in ahead and get outdrawn time after time, gonna leave them alone for a bit as getting no enjoyment whatsoever from playing them.

Badbeat dream team started again last night and the hunnies are back!! With a 2000 starting stack and a 20 min clock it is one hell of a slow structure :-( Got off to a bad start and before I knew it was down to 1200 chips. Decided to slow down and just wait for hands, with 194 runners and only the top 100 scoring points I needed to win some chips!! Got a nice double up with QQ and I was off and running. Felt that I was playing well and with 17 left I get KQc in the BB. Button makes raise to 5000 and I push for 14000 thinking that he was on a steal. He dwells for a while and then makes the call with A8. No improvement and I am out. With another team member Flowerpot finishing 8th and Nifer finishing 46th we made some good points :-)

My goals for 2007 are to continue to improve in my game and make a nice profit. Would like to qualify for a big live tournament and win some mtt's instead of just making FT's, lol.

gl in your games,
Mrs D xxx